Nancy Drexel

1910 - 1989

The actress Nancy Drexel was born as Dorothy Kitchen in New York.
During her childhood she was enthusiastic about dancing and also on the back of a horse she felt at home.

Nancy Drexel came to Hollywood after she has won a beauty contest in 1925 and her mother accompanied her to California when the rest of the family remained in New York because her father only had to work for six more months till to the official retirement as a fireman. Afterwards the rest of the family moved to Hollywood as well. 

Nancy Drexel was signed by Universal and she took part in comedian Western at the beginning where she also was able to demonstrate her riding abilites. Later followed also engagements for other studios.
To her first movies belong "A Man's Size Pet" (26), "Too Much Progress for Pipe Rock" (27), "The Broncho Twister" (27) with Tom Mix and "The Horse Trader" (27) directed by William Wyler as well as "The Way of All Flesh" (27) with Emil Jannings.

To her last silent movies belong "Fangs of the Wild" (28), "The Escape" (28), "4 Devils" (28) and "Forget Me Not" (28).

She continued her career successfully in the sound film era of the 30s and impersonated roles in "The Shrimp" (30), "Law of the West" (32), "Mason of the Mounted" (32) and "Speed Madness" (32).

When she got married with Thomas H. Ince jr. In 1932 she retired from the film business at the age of ony 22 and concentrated to her family. 

Other movies with Nancy Drexel:
Barely Reasonable (26) The Pride of Piperock (27) The Rest Cure (27) Hot Stuff (27) The Ridin' Renegade (28) Breed of the Sunsets (28) The Bantam Cowboy (28) Prep and Pep (28) Riley the Cop (28) Paper Hanging with Johnny Arthur (30) Ridin' for Justice (32) Partners (32) The Man from Hell's Edges (32) Texas Buddies (32)