Sally Crute

Sally Crute

1886 - 1971

The actress Sally Crute was born as Sally Kirby in Chattanooga, her parents were Carter Spotswood Crute and Mary Catherine Weidner. She made her first acting experiences on stage - among others with Douglas Fairbanks in the Broadway play "Within the Law" - before she entered the still new film business in 1912. She was often engaged for self confident roles which she impersonated passionally. 

After her first movies "The Woman Behind the Man" (12) and "The Cousins of Sherlock Holmes" (13) her film career took concrete shape promptly from 1914 and in the next years she took part in numerous productions. 
To these movies belong "The Last Scene of All" (14), "The Two Doctors" (14), "The Letter That Never Came Out" (15), "Young Mrs. Winthrop" (15), "In Spite of All" (15), "The House of the Lost Court" (15), "Not Wanted" (15), "Her Vocation" (15), "The Seventh Day" (15) and "The Matchmakers" (15).

Her cinematical appearances remained undiminished in the second part of the 10s as well and she impersonated roles in "The Light at Dusk" (16), "Helen of the Chorus" (16), "The Power of Decision" (17), "When Men Betray" (18), "Opportunity" (18), "The Poor Rich Man" (18), "Twilight" (19) and "Atonement" (19).

Her career came slowly to an end during the 20s, still she took part in movies till 1925, often at the side of great stars of that time.
She played in the movies "The Garter Girl" (20) with Corinne Griffith and Rod LaRocque, "Perjury" (21) with William Farnum, "The Tents of Allah" (23) with Monte Blue, "His Children's Children" (23) with Bebe Daniels and Dorothy Mackaill, "The Ace of Cads" (26) with Adolphe Menjou and "Tin Gods" (26) with Thomas Meighan, Renée Adorée and William Powell.

She got married with William George Kirby.

Other movies with Sally Crute:
The Price of Human Lives (13) My Friend from India (14) Mother and Wife (14) The Mystery of the Talking Wire (14) A Treacherous Rival (14) An American King (14) The Adventure of the Missing Legacy (14) Back to the Simple Life (14) Mystery of the Lost Stradivarius (14) While the Tide Was Rising (14) Nearly a Wodow (14) The Mystery of the Octagonal Room (14) Face Value (14) Jim's Vindication (14) A Transplanted Prairie Flower (14) Who Goes There? (14) The Colonel of the Red Hussars (14) Mr. Daly's Wedding Day (14) The Champion Process Server (15) The Girl Who Kept Books (15) The Voice of Conscience (15) Seen Through the Make-Up (15) Only the Maid (15) The Secret of the Cellar (15) When Conscience Sleeps (15) The Widow's Breezy Suit (15) The Magic Skin (15) Life's Pitfalls (15) A Mix-Up in Black (16) Her Husband's Wife (16) The Cossack Whip (16) A Wife by Proxy (17) The Law of the North (17) The Law of Compensation (17) The Beautiful Lie (17) The Tell-Tale Step (17) The Peddler (17) The Awakening of Ruth (17) Blue Jeans (17) The Avenging Trail (17) Eye for Eye (18) A House Divided (19) A Broadway Saint (19) Even as Eve (20) Blind Wives (20) The Greatest Love (20) It Isn't Being Done This Season (21) Miss 139 (21) Broadway Broke (23) The Half-Way Girl (25) A Little Girl in a Big City (25) Ermine and Rhinestones (25)