Nell Craig

1891 - 1965

The actress Nell Craig already came in touch with the film business in 1913 when she was engaged by Essanay for the movie "The Battle of Shiloh" (13).

She soon became a demanded actress and she impersonated numerous roles in the next years.
To these movies belong "When Rome Ruled" (14), "The Return of Richard Neal" (15), "Home Coming" (15), "The Coward" (15), "The Return of Gentleman Joe" (15), "In the Palace of the King" (15), "Gold Dust" (16), "Her Naked Soul" (16), "Peter, the Hermit" (16), "The Breaker" (16), "The Trufflers" (17) and "Common Property" (19).

Her activitiy in movies diminished in the 20s and her roles became smaller than in the decade before.
To her movies of those years belong "The Desperate Hero" (20), "Her First Elopement" (20), "The Queen of Sheba" (21), "Remembrance" (22), "The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln" (24) and "A Boy of Flanders" (24).

Afterwards she disappeared from the big screen for several years before she was contracted by Louis B. Mayer at the beginning of the 30s. 
Nell Craig acted again in numerous productions where she impersonated smaller support roles. 
Among others she appeared in "Cimarron" (31), "Beauty for Sale" (33), "I'm No Angel" (33), "The Man Who Reclaimed His Head" (34), "Mad Love" (35), "Klondike Annie" (36), "Palm Springs" (36), "Wives Never Know" (36), "Wells Fargo" (37), "Boys Town" (38), "The Women" (39), "Another Thin Man" (39) and "Sergeant Madden" (39).

From 1938 she regularly played the role of "Nurse Parker" in the successful movie serial around the figure of Dr. Kildare like "Young Dr. Kildare" (38), "Calling Dr. Kildare" (39), "Dr. Kildare's Strange Case" (40), "The People vs. Dr. Kildare" (41) and "Dr. Kildare's Victory" (42) as well as the follow-up movie serial "Calling Dr. Gillespie" (42)  and "Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case" (43).
Beside it she also acted in other movies like "Edison, the Man" (40), "Life with Henry" (41), "The Lady Eve" (41), "My Favorite Blonde" (42), "Between Two Women" (45), "A Stolen Life" (46), "Possessed" (47) and "Here Comes Trouble" (48).

At the end of the 40s she retired from the film business.

Nell Craig was married with the director Fred E. Wright.

Other movies with Nell Craig:
The Pearl of the Punjab (14) The Shanty at Trembling Hill (15) A Pound for a Pound (15) When the Fates Spin (15) Countess Veschi's Jewels (15) Blindfolded (15) Uncle's New Blazer (15) The Awakening Hour (15) Braga's Double (15) The Rajah's Tunic (15) The Counter Intrigue 815) Jabez's Conquest (15) Business Rivals (15) Legrand's Revenge (15) The Whirlpool (15) His Crucible (15) The Destroyer (15) On the Little Mill Trace (15) The Second Son (15) The Law's Decree (15) The Danger of Being Lonesome (15) Pieces of the Game (16) The Primitive Strain (16) Millstones (16) Once a Thief--? (16) The Condemnation (16) Fool's Gold (16) Power (16) The War Bride of Plumville (16) The Way of Patience (16) The Border Line (16) In a Looking Glass (16) A Tale from the Decameron (16) The Triflers (20) Passion's Playground (20) The Poor Simp (20) The Flirt (22) Abysmal Brute (23) Come on Danger! (32) Hold Your Man (33) Turn Back the Clock (33) Fugitive Lovers (34) This Side of Heaven (34) Men in White (34) Change of Heart (34) Operator 13 (34) The Cat's-Paw (34) The Lemon Drop Kid (34) Goin' to Town (35) Alias Mary Dow (35) Public Hero #1 (35) She Gets Her man (35) The Preview Murder Mystery (36) Craig's Wife (36) Michael O'Halloran (37) She Married an Artist (37) Paid to Dance (37) The Big Broadcast of 1938 (38) Who Killed Gail Preston? (38) There's Always A Woman (38) You Can't Take It with You (38) Too Hot to Handle (38) The Lady Objects (38) Men in Fright (38) Homicide Bureau (39) There's That Woman Again (39) Boy Trouble (39) The Lady's from Kentucky (39) 6'000 Enemies (39) Our Leading Citizen (39) The Secret of Dr. Kildare (39) Remember? (39) I Take This Woman (40) Beyond Tomorrow (40) I Love You Again (40) Boom Town (40) Dr. Kildare Goes Home (40) Nobody's Children (40) Dr. Kildare's Crisis (40) West Point Widow (41) Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (41) New York Town (41) Birth of the Blues (41) Glamour Boy (41) Fly-By-Night (42) Take a Letter, Darling (42) Night in New Orleans (42) Dr. Gillespie-s New Assistant (42) Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour (43)  Three Hearts for Julia (43) Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid (44) 3 Menin White (44) Casanova Brown (44) Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (44) Fashion Model (45) Out of This World (45) Masquerade in Mexico (45) Black Market Babies (45) Swing Parade of 1946 (46) Our Hearts Were Growing Up (46) Blaze of Noon (47) Dark Delusion (47) Reaching from Heaven (48)