Jerome Cowan

Jerome Cowan

1897 - 1972

The actor Jerome Cowan began his acting career with a touring stock company before he joined the Navy during World War I. 

He returned to the stage after the war where he first worked at the vaudeville and later successfully in New York.
There he also appeared on Broadway, among others in the play "We've Got to Have Money" (23).
In New York he was spotted by Samuel Goldwyn who engaged the nearly 40 years old actor for the film business.

Jerome Cowan made his film debut with "Beloved Enemy" (36) and in the next years he became a much demanded support actor who took part in countless movies and from the 50s in numerous TV productions.

To Jerome Cowan's movies belong "You Only Live Once" (37), "The Hurricane" (37), "There's Always a Woman" (38), "East Side of Heaven" (39) and "The Gracie Allen Murder Case" (39).

He became an established support actor in the 40s and he impersonated roles in productions like "Wolf of New York" (40), "High Sierra" (41), "Singapore Woman" (41), "The Maltese Falcon" (41), "Mr. and Mrs. North" (42), "Mission to Moscow" (43), "The Song of Bernadette" (43), "Minstrel Man" (44), "Divorce" (45), "My Reputation" (46), "The Kid from Brooklyn" (46) and finally several movies with the figure "Blondie" in which he impersonated George M. Radcliffe. To these movies belong "Blondie Knows Best" (46), "Blondie's Big Moment" (47), "Blondie's Anniversary" (47), "Blondie's Secret" (48) and "Blondie Hits the Jackpot" (49).
Other movies beside Blondie at that time were "Miracle on 34th Street" (47), "The Unfaithful" (47), "So This Is New York" (48), "The Lady Gambles" (49) and "Scene of the Crime" (49).

Television played a more and more important i nhis career from the 50s and he took part in feature movies sporadically.
To his most popular works of the 50s belong "Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey" (50), "The West Point Story" (50), "Dallas" (50), an episode of the serial "Suspense: A Vision of Death" (51), an episode of the serial "The Web: Checkmate" (51), an episode of the serial "Mr. & Mrs. North: Beauty Prize" (53), "The System" (53), an episode of the serial "U.S. Marshal: Paper Bulletts" (58), an episode of the serial "Rawhide: Incident of the 13th Man" (59), an episode of the serial "The Twilight Zone: The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine" (59), an episode of the serial "Bat Masterson: The Conspiracy" (59), an episode of the serial "77 Sunset Stript: The Grandma Caper" (59), an episode of the serial "The Alaskans: Winter Song" (59) and an episode of the serial "Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Act" (59).

His energy for work remained undiminished during the 60s. Among others he acted in an episode of the serial "Philip Marlowe: Death Takes a Lover" (60), "Visit to a Small Planet" (60), "Pocketful of Miracles" (61), "The Farmer's Daughter" (62), an episode of the serial "My Favorite Martian: The Atom Misers" (63), an episode of the serial "Bonanza: The Saga of Muley Jones" (64), "The Patsy" (64), "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home!" (65), "Frankie and Johnny" (66), an episode of the serial "The Munsters: Herman's Lawsuit" (66), an episode of the serial "Daniel Boone: Goliath" (66), "Penelope" (66) and "The Comic" (69).

He remained active till to his death and his last cinematical works came at the beginning of the 70s into being with an episode of the serial "Green Acres: The Beeping Rock" (70) and an episode of the serial "Alias Smith and Jones: The Root of It All" (71). 

Other movies with Jerome Cowan:
Shall We Dance (37) New Faces of 1937 (37) Vogues of 1938 (37) The Goldwyn Follies (38) St. Louis Blues (39) The Saint Strikes Back (39) Exile Express (39) She Married a Cop (39) The Old Maid (39) The Great Victor Herbert (39) Castle on the Hudson (40) Framed (40) Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me (40) Torrid Zone (40) City for Conquest (40) The Quarterback (40) Meet the Wildcat (40) Melody Ranch (40) Street of Memories (40) Victory (40) The Roundup (41 The Great Lie (41) Affectionately Yours (41) Too Many Blondes (41) Out of the Fog (41) Kisses for Breakfasts (41) Rags to Riches (41) Kiss the Boys Goodbye (41) One Foot in Heaven (41) The Bugle Sounds (42) A Gentleman at Heart (42) Frisco Lil (42) The Girl from Alaska (42) Moontide (42) Thru Different Eyes (42) Joan of Ozark (42) Street of Chance (42) Who Done It? (42) No Place for a Lady (42) Ladies' Day (43) Silver Spurs (43) Hi'ya, Sailor (43) Find the Blackmailer (43) The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (43) Sing a Jingle (44) Mr. Skeffington (44) South of Dixie (44) Crime by Night (44) Guest in the House (44) Fog Island (45) The Crime Doctor's Courage (45) G. I. Honeymoon (45) Blonde Ransom (45) The Jungle Captive (45) Hitchhike to Happiness (45) Behind City Lights (45) Getting Gertie's Garter (45) One Way to Love3 (46) Claudia and David (46) Deadline at Dawn (46) Murder in the Music Hall (46) Night in Paradise (46) On eExciting Week (46) Deadline for Murder (46) Mr. Ace (46) Flight to Nowhere (46) The Perfect Marriage (47) Blondie's Holiday (47) Riffraff (47) Cry Wolf (47) Driftwood (47) Blondie in the Dough (47) Dangerous Years (47) Arthur Takes Over (48) Blondie's Reard (48) Wallflower (48) Night Has a Thousand Eyes (48) June Bride (48) Blondie's Big Deal (49) The Fountainhead (49) The Girl from Jones Beach (49) Always Leave Them Laughing (49) Young Man with a Horn (50) Peggy (50) When You're Smiling (50) The Fuller Brush Girl (50) Serie "The Bigelow Theatre: A Case of Marriage (51) Serie "The Billy Rose Show: The Old Magician" (51) Serie "The Ford Theatre Hours: The Touchstone" (51) The Fat Man (51) Criminal Lawyer (51) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Night at the Vulcan" (51) Disc Jockey (51) Serie "Not for Publication" (51) Serie "The Web: A Man Dies" (51) Serie "The Web: St. Petersburg Dilemma" (51) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Consider the Lillies" (51) Serie "Lux Viceo Theatre: Stolen Years" (51) Serie "Studio One: Lonely Boy" (51) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: A Beautiful Friendship" (51) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: Yesterday's Magic" (52) Magnificent Adventure (52) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Julie" (52) Serie "My Hero: Model of Blossom" (52) Serie "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Parents' Week-End" (53) Serie "The Web: Encore" (53) Serie "General Electric Theater: Wedding Day" (53) Serie "Valiant Lady" (53) Serie "Look Up and Live: Diary of a Teenager" (53) Serie "The Motorola Television Hour: Side by Side" (54) Serie "Studio One: Fear Is No Stranger" (54) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: A Touch of Summer" (54) Serie "Chevron Hall of Stars: Conflict" (56) Serie "Screen Directors Playhouse: Prima Donna" (56) Serie "Star Tonight: Night Excape" (56) Serie "Star Tonight: Tough Boy" (56) Serie "The Alcoa Hour: Kiss and Tell" (56) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: The Gene Austin Story" (57) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: Counterfeit Inc." 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Crackerby!: Woodman, Spare That Family Tree" (65) Serie "The Ludy Show: Lucy and Art Linkletter" (66) Serie "Gomer Pyle: USMC: A Star Is Born" (66) Serie "Vacation PLayhouse: The Hoofer" (66) Serie "The Mothers-In-Law: Herb's Little Helper" (68) Serie "The Doris Day Show: Hot Dogs" (70) Serie "The Debbie Reynolds Show: How to Succeed in the Stock Market Without Really Trying" (70) Serie "Here's Lucy: Lucy the Crusader" (70)