Noel Coward

Noel Coward

1899 - 1973

The all-rounder Noel Coward - he wrote besided many film scripts also film music, appeared as an actor, produced and directed movies - began his career as an actor at the West End in London. He made his first professional appearance at the age of eleven and it followed many other child roles in the next years. 

At the age of 14 he became the lover of the painter Philip Streatfeild who introduced him to the High Society of London. 

He continued his career as an actor and also appeared together with the famous actor Charles Hawtrey who became his paragon and instructor. 

Noel coward made his film debut in 1918 with D.W. Griffiths' "Hearts of the World" (18), it was the only film appearences for many years. 
Also at the end of the 10's he wrote first comedies which established his literal fame. 

From 1927 there were a lot movies realised based on plays and/or scripts of Noel Coward. To these movies belong "The Queen Was in the Parlour" (27), "Easy Virtue" (28), "The Vortex" (28), "Bitter Sweet" (33), "Hands Across the Sea" (38) and "Private Lives" (39).

In the next years followed other movies based on his works, among them "Bitter Sweet" (40), "In Which We Serve" ( 42), "Blithe Spirit" (45) - which was filmed several times in the next years, "The Astonished Heart" (49), "Zwischen den Zügen" (55), "Red Peppers" (58), "Quadrille" (61), "Geisterkomödie" (62), "Wechselkurs der Liebe" (66) and "Amouren" (72).

After his first movie in 1918 he appeared again in front of the camera from 1935 and to his movies belong "The Scoundrel" (35), "In Which We Serve" (42), "Blithe Spirit" (56), "Around the World in Eighty Days" (56), "Our Man in Havana" (59), "Bunny Lake Is Missing" (65) and "The Italian Job" (69).

Beside it Noel Coward also wrote the music for some pictures like "Private Lives" (31), "Bitter Sweet" (33), "We Were Dancing" (42), "Meet Me Tonight" (52), "The Grass Is Greener" (60) and "The Magic Christian" (69).

When World War II broke out he wrote popular songs which entertained the troops as well as the population - to these songs belong "Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans" and "London Pride".
After the war it became known that Noel Coward not only was responsible for entertainment but also busy for the secret service MI5.

To his numerous awards belong a Honorary Oscar as well as an Oscar nomination for the best script for his cinematical masterpiece "In Which We Serve" (42), moreover he was honoured with the title "Sir".
His last partner was the singer and actor Graham Payn with whom he lived together till his death.

Other movies from Noel Coward (Screen Writer):
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