Albert Conti

Albert Conti

1887 - 1967

The actor Albert Conti was born as Albert De Conti Cadassamare in Trieste.

He first studied law and natural science before he served as an officer during World War I. 

After the war he went to the USA and first had several different jobs for his living. When Erich von Stroheim was looking for an Austrian officer as a consultant for his movie "Merry-Go-Round" (23) and got in touch with him.
By this occasion in turned out that Albert Conti was also a talented actor and he got his first engagement as an actor at the same time. 

His next acting appearance was for Stroheim as well in "The Merry Widow" (25), afterwards followed many other roles in movies like "Camille" (26), "The Chinese Parrot" (27), "The Devil Dancer" (27), "South Sea Love" (27), "Slipping Wives" (27) with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, "Tempest" (28), "Plastered in Paris" (28), "Show People" (28) and "Why Is a Plumber?" (29).

In the 30's he impersonated numerous support roles, among them "One Romantic Night" (30), "Monte Carlo" (30), "Morocco" (30), "This Modern Age" (31), "Freaks" (32), "Red-Headed Woman" (32), "Topaze" (33), "Nana" (34), "The Black Cat" (34), "The Crusades" (35), "Three Smart Girls" (36), "Conquest" (37), "Suez" (38) and "Charlie Chan in City in Darkness" (39).

From the 40's he engagements in front of the camera diminished, to his last cinematical works belong "My Gal Sal" (42), "The Human Comedy" (43) and "The Pride of St. Louis" (52).

He remained true to the film business after his career as an actor and he worked in the wardrobe department of MGM till 1962.

Other movies with Albert Conti:
The Eagle (25) Watch Your Wife (26) Old Loves and New (26) The Blonde Saint (26) Love Me and the World Is Mine (27) Honeymoon Hater (27) The Legion of the Condemned (28) Alex the Great (28) The Magnificent Flirt (28) Stocks and Blondes (28) The Wedding March (28) Dry Martini (28) Captain Lash (29) Lady of the Pavements (29) Making the Grade (29) Saturday's Children (29) The Exalted Flapper (29) Jazz Heaven (29) He Loved the Ladies (29) Melody Man (30) Such Men Are Dangerous (30) Our Blushing Brides (30) Average Husband (30) Madam Satan (30) Oh, for a Man (30) Sea Legs (30) The Gang Buster (31) Liebe auf Befehl (31) Strangers May Kiss (31) Always Goodbye (31) Just a Gigolo (31) The Common Law (31) Heartbreak (31) Second Fiddle (32) The Woman from Monte Carlo (32) The Greeks Had a Word for Them (32) Lady with a Past (32) Shopworn (32) Careless Lady (32) Doomed Battalion (32) State's Attorney (32) As You Desire Me (32) The Night Club Lady (32) The Giddy Age (32) Men Are Such Fools (32) The Secret of Madame Blanche (33) Love Is Dangerous (33) The Barbarian (33) Adorable (33) I Love That Man (33) Shanghai Madness (33) Torch Singer (33) Gigolettes of Paris (33) My Lips Betray (33) Beloved (34) Fashions of 1934 (34) Riptide (34) Gambling Lady (34) Elmer and Elsie (34) Love Time (34) Mills of the Gods (34) The Night Is Young (35) Symphony of Living (35) Shadow of Doubt (35) Goin' to Town (35) Here's to Romance (35) Diamond Jim (35) Page Miss Glory (35) Hands Across the Table (35) Collegiate (36) The Case Against Mrs. Ames (36) Fatal Lady (36) Hollywood Boulevard (36) One in a Million (36) Stolen Holiday (37) Her Husband Lies (37) Café Metropole (37) Dangerously Yours (37) I'll Take Romance (37) Always Goodbye (38) Gateway (38) Everything Happens at Night (39) The Cowboy and the Blonde (41)