Edward Connelly

Edward Connelly

1859 - 1928

The actor Edward Connelly first worked as a journalist for the New York Sunl before he became an actor.

He joined a theater group in 1884 and later he was successful on Broadway.

He went to Hollywood in 1914 where he signed a contract with MGM.
He soon became a demanded actor and he impersonated different roles in numerous productions.

To his first movies belong "A Good Little Devil" (14), "Marse Covington" (15), "The Fall of the Romanoffs" (17) in the role of Rasputin, "A Successful Adventure" (18), "The Parisian Tigress" (19) and "The World and Its Woman" (19).

The 20s marked the height of his cinematical career and he acted together with many great stars of that time.
To his most popular movies of those years belong "Shore Acres" (20), "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (21), "Camille" (21), "The Conflict" (21), "The Prisoner of Zenda" (22), "Quincy Adams Sawyer" (22), "Scaramouche" (23), "The Beauty Prize" (24), "Sinners in Silk" (24), "The Merry Widow" (25), "Torrent" (26), "The Show" (27), "The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg" (27), "The Mysterious Lady" (28) and "The Desert Rider" (29).

Edward Connelly could not witness the premiere of his last movie, he died in 1928 at the then raging influenza epidemic. 

Other movies with Edward Connelly:
Shore Acres (14) The Devil (15) The Great Secret (17) Toys of Fate (18) The First Law (18) The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? The Fall of the Hohenzollerns (19) Johnny-on-the-Spot (19) False Evidence (19) The Red Lantern (19) The Lion's Den (19) Easy to Make Money (19) Someone Must Pay (19) In Old Kentucky (19) The Willow Tree (20) Dangerous to Men (20) The Saphead (20) Someone in the House (20) Hearts Are Trumps (20) Cinderella's Twin (20) The Last Card (21) The Conquering Power (21) Red Hot Romance (22) Turn to the Right (22) Kisses (22) Seeing's Believing (22) Trifling Women (22) Love in the Dark (22) Where the Pavement Ends (23) Her Fatal Millions (23) Desire (23) Slave of Desire (23) A Fool's Awakening (24) The Goldfish (24) Revelation (24) So This Is Marriage? (24) The Denial (25) The Unholy Three (25) Sun-Up (25) The Tower of Lies (25) The Only Thing (25) Brown of Harvard (26) The Gay Deceiver (26) Bardelys the Magnificent (26) Winners of the Wilderness (27) Lovers? (27) Love (27) Across to Singapore (28) Forbidden Hours (28) Brotherly Love (28)