Marguerite Clark

Picture Marguerite Clark

1883 - 1940

The actress Marguerite Clark conquered the American cinema from 1914 and was able to became established beside stars like Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish. 

Thank to her height of 1.47 m and a weight of about 45 kg she was predestined for gentle roles as well as for children roles. 
It all started in 1899 where she made her stage debut with a stock company in Baltimore. Shortly afterwards she was engaged to New York. There she experienced huge successes on Broadway in the next ten years with musicals and popular plays. 

In 1914 she was signed on by "Famous Players" who produced all her future movies from now on. Although she was already 31 years old her appearance seemed to be ageless. 

Marguerite Clark soon achieved big popularity and her name became a guarantor for a box-office hit. 
To her first movies belong "Wildflower" (14), "The Goose Girl" (15), "The Seven Sisters" (15), "The Prince and the Pauper" (15), "Mice and Men" (16), "Little Lady Eileen" (16) and "Snow White" (16). 

In the next years came other well-known movies into being like "The Valentine Girl" (17), "Bab's Diary" (17), "Rich Man, Poor Man" (18), "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (18), "Little Miss Hoover" (18), "Three Men and a Girl" (19) and "A Girl Named Mary" (19). 
But acting offered her less and less satisfaction and she got to like the idea to retire from the film business. 

In 1918 she got married but before she wanted to leave the film business she wanted to achieve her goal to enter the top of the top. 
When she appeared in the movies "All of a Sudden Peggy" (20), "Easy to Get" (20) and finally her only own produced movie "Scrambles Wives" (21) she was listed on the yearly Quigley publication as the most popular American movie star. 
With it she achived her goal and retired from the film business. 

Her person was also the model of Walt Disney's world wide successful "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (37). 
Marguerite Clark died of pneumonia at the age 57. 

Other movies with Marguerite Clark:
The Crucible (14) Gretna Green (15) The Pretty Sister of Jose (15) Helene of the North (15) Still Waters (15) Out of the Drifts (16) Molly Make-Believe (16) Silks and Satins (16) Miss George Washington (16) The Fortunes of Fifi (17) The Amazons (17) Bab's Burglar (17) Bab's Matinee Idol (17) The Seven Swans (17) Prunella (18) Out of a Clear Sky (18) The Biggest and the Littlest Lady in the World (18) Mrs. Wiggs of teh Cabbage Patch (19) Let's Elope (19) Come Out of the Kitchen (19) Girls (19) Widow by Proxy (19) Luck in Pawn (19)