O. B. Clarence

1868 - 1955

The actor O.B. Clarence was already acting at the theater for many years when he made his film debut in 1914 at the age of 46 with "Liberty Hall" (14).
His appearances in front of the camera kept seldom in the next years, to his movies belong "London Pride" (20) and "De Heldendaad van Peter Wells" (21).

Only with the rise of the talkies his real film career started and he took part in numerous movies of the 30's. 
To these productions belong "The Man from Chicago" (30), "The Barton Mystery" (32), "Discord" (33), "A Shot in the Dark" (33), "Nell Gwyn" (34), "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (34), "Barnacle Bill" (35) and "No Monkey Business" (35).

In the second part of the 30's he acted in such popular movies like "The Cardinal" (36), "Victoria the Great" (37), "Pygmalion" (38), "Me and My Pal" (39) and Alfred Hitchcock's "Jamaica Inn" (39).

His last cinematical works came in the 40's into being with "Spy for a Day" (40), "Quiet Wedding" (41), "Dangerous Moonlight" (41), "Great Day" (45), "The Magic Bow" (46), "Great Expectations" (46) directed by David Lean and "No Room at the Inn" (48).

Other movies with O. B. Clarence:
Keepers of Youth (31) The Bells (31) Where Is This Lady? (32) Good Night, Vienna (32) The Flag Lieutenant (32) His Grace Gives Notice (33) Falling for You (33) Excess Baggage (33) Perfect Understanding (33) I Adore You (33) Friday the Thirteenth (33) Eyes of Fate (33) Song at Eventide (34) The Silver Spoon (34) The King of Paris (34) The Great Defender (34) The Double Event (34) Soldiers of the King (34) The Only Girl (34) Father and Son (34) The Feathered Serpent (34) Lady in Danger (35) Dandy Dick (35) Squibs (35) The Private Secretary (35)King of Hearts (36) Captain Bill (36) All In (36) Seven Sinners (36) East Meets West (36) The Mill on the Floss (37) Silver Blaze (37) Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel (37) Dinner at the Ritz (37) Doctor Knock (38) Trelawny of the Wells (38) It's in the Air (38) Old Iron (38) Stolen Life (39) Rope (39) Black Eyes (39) Saloon Bar (40) The Missing People (40) Return to Yesterday (40) Old Mother Riley's Circus (41) Old Mother Riley in Business (41) Major Barbara (41) Turned Out Nice Again (41) Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (41) Penn of Pennsylvania (42) Front Line Kids (42) Gert and Daisy's Weekdend (42) On Approval (44) A Place of One's Own (45) School for Secrets (46) Meet Me at Dawn (47) Uncle Silas (47) While the Sun Shines (47) The Calendar (48)