Mary Clare

Picture Mary Clare

1894 - 1970

The actress Mary Clare made her stage debut in 1912 and soon turned out to be a versatile actress who was able to impersonate very different characters.

When she entered the film business with "The Black Spider" (20) she was busy for the theater and the film alternately from now on. 
In the next years she took part in the silent movies "The Skin Game" (21), "Foolish Monte Carlo" (22), "Lights of London" (23) and "The Constant Nymph" (28).

In the era of the talkies of the 30's followed other well-known productions, among them "Keepers of Youth" (31), "Carmen" (31), "The Outsider" (31), "Hindle Wakes" (31), "Jew Süss" (34), "The Rat" (37), "Young and Innocent" (37), Alfred Hitchcock's "The Lady Vanishes" (38), "The Citadel" (38) and "A Girl Must Live" (39).

Mary Clare normally played support roles, only seldom she acted as the leading actress in front of the camera like in the movie "Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard" (40).
Nevertheless she was able to influence many other movies and she was convincing in movies like "The Briggs Family" (40), "London Town" (46), "Oliver Twist" (48), "The Black Rose" (50), "Portrait of Clare" (50), "Moulin Rouge" (52), "Mambo" (54) and "The Price of Silence" (59) - her last appearance in front of the camera.

Other movies with Mary Clare:
A Prince of Lovers (22) The Gypsy Cavalier (22) Becket (23) Packing Up (27) The Feather (29) Bill's Legacy (31) Many Waters (31) Shadows (31) The Constant Nymph (33) The Clairvoyant (34) Say It with Flowers (34) The Night Club Queen (34) Lorna Doone (34) A Real Bloke (35) The Guv'nor (35) The Passing of the Third Floor Back (35) Line Engaged (35) The Mill on the Floss (37) Our Royal Heritage (37) The Challenge (38) Climbing High (38) There Ain't No Justice (39) On the Night of the Fire (40) Old Bill and Son (41) The Patient Vanishes (41) The Night Has Eyes (42) Next of Kin (42) The Hundred Po and Window (44) Fiddlers Three (44) One Exciting Night (44) Mrs. Fitzherbert (47) Esther Waters (48) My Brother Jonathan (48) The Three Weird Sisters (48) Cardboard Cavalier (49) Hindle Wakes (52) Penny Princess (52) The Beggar's Opera (53) Serie "Colonel March of Scotland Yard: The Talking Head" (56) Serie "Lilli Palmer Theatre: the Weakness of Frau Borkhardt" (56)