Helene Chadwick

1897 - 1940

The actress Helene Chadwick was born into a wealthy family - her father was the owner of a sill mill, her mother was an opera singer.

When a friendly painter of the family portraied Helene Chadwick and presented the painting at an exhibition a movie producer became aware of her portrait.
He engaged her for Pathe and she shot her first movie called "The Challenge" (16).

Helene Chadwick soon became established as a movie actress and she appeared in some more movies for Pathe, later for Goldwyn Pictrues. 
To her early movies belong "The Iron Heart" (17), "The Last of the Carnabys" (17), "The House of Hate" (18), "The Honest Thief" (18), "Girls" (19) and "An Adventure in Hearts" (19).

She reached the pinnacle of her career in the 20s where she became a movie star.
To her movies of those years belong "Godless Men" (20), "Made in Heaven" (21), "Dust Flower" (22), "Gimme" (23), "Love of Women" (24), "The Naked Truth" (24), "The Woman Hater" (25), "Hard Boiled" (26), "Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes" (26), "The Rose of Kildare" (27), "Modern Mothers" (28) and "Father and Son" (29).

With the rise of the sound film she was able to impersonate some demanding character roles at the beginning. Later she was normally engaged for smaller parts. 
To her works in the 30s belong "Men Are Like That" (30), "Hell Bound" (31), "The Circus Queen Murder" (33), "Morning Glory" (33), "Ever Since Eve" (34), "Mississippi" (35), "Another Face" (35), "San Francisco" (36) and "A Star Is Born" (37).

Helene Chadwick was married with the director William A. Wellman.

Helene Chadwick died at the of ony 42 in 1940 as a delayed result of a fall she had the year before. 

Other movies with Helene Chadwick:
The Mystery of the Couble Cross (17) Blind Man's Luck (17) The Angel Factory (17) Vengeance Is Mine (17) Convict 993 (18) The Naulahka (18) The Yellow Ticket (18) For Sale (18) Getaway Kate (18) Go-Get-Em Garringer (19) Caleb Piper's Girl (19) The Solitary Sin (19) A Very Good Young Man (19) Heartsease (19) The Long Arm of Mannister (19) The Cup of Fury (20) Cupid (20) Scratch My Back (20) Cupid the Cowpuncher (20) The Old Nest (21) Dangeorus Curve Ahead (21) From the Ground Up (21) The Glorious Fool (22) Yellow Men and Gold (22) The Sin Flood (22) Brothers Under the Skin (22) Quicksands (23) Reno  (23) Her Dark Swan (24) The Masked Dancer (24) Why Men Leave Home (24) Her Own Free Will (24) The Border Legion (24) Trouping with Ellen (24) The Re-Creation of Brian Kent (25) The Golden Cocoon (25) Pleasures of the Rich (26) The Still Alarm (26) Dancing Days (26) Stolen Pleasures (27) The Bachelor's Baby (27) Stage Kisses (27) Women Who Dare (28) Say It with Sables (28) Confessions of a Wife (28) The Bad Sister (31) So Big! (32) Night World (32) Employees' Entrance (33) No Marriage Ties (33) Merrily Yours (33) Managed Money (34) Good Dame (34) School for Girls (34) It's a Gift (34) A Wicked Woman (34) The Call of the Wild (35) Mary Burns, Fugitive (35) Frisco Kid (35) The Perfect Set-Up (36)