Leo Carrillo

1881 - 1961

The actor Leo Carrillo began his career as an actor in 1915 on Broadway where he took part in several plays till 1927. He entered the film business in 1927 with "At the Ball Game" (27), following "The Foreigner" (28) and "Mister Antonio" (29).

He became a demanded support actor in the 30s, normally imersonating Latinos because of his appearance.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "The Guilty Generation" (31), "The Broken Wing" (32), "Obey the Law" (33), "Viva Villa!" (34), "Love Me Forever" (35), "Moonlight Murder" (36), "The Gay Desperado" (36), "52nd Street" (37), "Blockade" (38) and "Society Lawyer" (39).

He was able to took part again in numerous movies in the 40s, among them "Lillian Russell" (40), "Wyoming" (40), "Horror Island" (41), "The Kid from Kansas" (41), "Escape from Hong Kong" (42), "Top Sergeant" (42), "Phantom of the Opera" (43), "Bowery to Broadway" (44), "The Fugitive" (47) and "Satan's Cradle" (49).

His last cinematical works came in the 50s into being with "Pancho Villa Returns" (50) "Tournatment of Roses" (54) and finally the serial "The Cisco Kid" (50-56) in the role of Pancho Villa which made him famous again for a new generation of viewers.

Before Leo Carrillo became an actor he was a cartoonist for the San Francisco Examiner.

Leo Carrillo belonged to a reputable family whose origins can be backtracked to the 18th century. In his family you can find a governor of Alta California from 1837 to 1837 and a mayor of Los Angeles from 1826 to 1838. Moreover the family possessed a vast ranch in California - Rancho Carritos.

Other movies with Leo Carrillo: 
Hellgate of Soissons (28) Hell Bound (31) Homicide Squad (31) Lasca of the Rio Grande (31) Second Fiddle (32) Girl of the Rio (32) Deception (32) Men Are Such Fools (32) Prachute Jumper (33) Racetrack (33) Moonlight and Pretzels (33) Before Morning (33) Four Frightened People (34) Manhattan Melodrama (34) The Gay Bride (34) The Band Plays On (34) The Winning Ticket (35) In Caliente (35) If You Could Only Cook (35) It Had to Happen (36) History Is Made at Night (37) I Promise to Pay (37) Hotel haywire (37) The Barrier (37) Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (37) Little Miss Roughneck (38) The Girl of the Golden West (38) City Streets (38) Too Hot to Handle (38) Flirting with Fate (38) Fisherman's Wharf (39) The Arizona Wildcat (39) The Girl and the Gambler (39) Chicken Wagon Family (39) Rio (39) 20 Mule Team (40) Catpain Caution (40) One Night in the Tropics (40) Barnacle Bill (41) Tight Shoes (41) Riders of Death Valley (41) Honolulu Lu (41) Road Agent (41) What's Cookin'? (42) Unseen Enemy (42) Danger in the Pacific (42) Men of Texas (42) Timber! (42) Sin Town (42) American Empire (42) Frontier Badmen (43) Larceny with Music (43) Crazy House (43) Ghost Catchers (44) Gypsy Wildcat (44) Moonlight and Cactus (44) Under Western Skies (45) Crime, Inc. (45) Mexicana (45) Valiant Hombre (48) The Gay Amigo (49) The Daring Caballero (49) The Girl from San Lorenzo (50) Serie "Men of Annapolis: Rescue at Sea" (58) Serie "The Red Skelton Show: Calypso Clem" (58)