Lucille Carlisle

Lucille Carlisle
Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1895 - 1958

The actress Lucille Carlisle was born as Ida Lucile White in Galesberg, Illinois.
Her film career is fixed with the one of Larry Seman and she took part exclusively in his movies.
Larry Semon on his part was a very successful film comedian who also directed his own movies. 
Her sister Edna Ellen who worked for the magazine "Photoplay" convinced Lucille to take part in a beauty contest of the magazine in 1916. She won and a film company became aware of her. 
But before she entered the film business she went to New York where she acted in the play "His Little Widows". There she met the actor Broncho Billy Anderson which might give her the opportunity to make important contacts. 
She made her film debut at Larry Semon's side with "Boodle and Bandits" (18) as a She-Sheriff and she worked exclusively for Semon in the next five years.
In the next movies she impersonated smaller roles and the leading role was played by Vera Steadman. 
To these movies belong "Pluck and Plotters" (18), "Scamps and Scandals" (19) and "The Star Boarder" (19).
Finally she became the leading actress in Larry Semon's movies and they had huge successes and were regarded as an institutional duo. 
Larry Semon was addicted to her and romanced her vigorously but Lucille Carlisle knew how to delay it cleverly. Finally they got married in 1922 but the marriage failed one year later and was divorced.
As an actress Lucille Carlisle could not only count on her beauty but also got very good critics for her acting abilites. It is astonishing that no other directors engaged her for their movies. 
To her great successes in the next years belong "The Head Waiter" (19), "The Fly Cop" (20), "The Stage Hand" (20), "The Sportsman" (21), "A Pair of Kings" (22), "The Counter Jumper" (22) and "No Wedding Bells" (23).
When Lucille Carlisle didn't appear in Semon's movies in 1921 there were different rumors about the reason like a possible nervous breakdown. In the course of 1922 she returned on the big screen again. 
The era after Larry Semon had nearly found a continuation when she was planned for the leading role in "The Hunchback of Notra Dame". But a former nose operation for downsizing it left a negative optical result and she lost the role. Afterwards she retired from the film business. 
Private she enjoyed a luxury life of a star and was a gladly seen guest of the society and knew many prominent persons.
After a nervous breakdown of her sister Melba she took care of her niece. 
In 1942 she got married with the businessman Leland H. Millikin who sold luxury cars.

Other movies with Lucille Carlisle:
Well, I'll Be (19) Passing the Buck (19) His Home Sweet Home (19) The Simple Life (19) Between the Acts (19) Dull Care (19) Dew Drop Inn (19) The Grocery Clerk (19) School Days (20) Solid Concrete (20) The Suitor (20) The Show (22) Golf (22) The Agent (22) 

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