Donald Calthrop

1888 - 1940

The actor Donald Calthrop began his acting career at the theater in 1906 when he performed at the Comedy theatre in London. In the next years he became established as a stage actor, finally he joined the film business in 1916.

His first movies were "Wanted: A Widow" (16) and "Altar Chains" (16), it followed "The Gay Lord Quex" (17) and "Nelson" (18).

After a longer interruption he returned to the big screen and he was active in movies regularly from 1928. 

After movies like "Shooting Stars" (28), "Atlantic" (29) and "The Flying Squad" (29) he took part in his first Alfred Hitchcok movie "Blackmail" (29), it followed "Juno and the Paycock" (29), also directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
He took part in five movies directed by Hitchcock all in all.

Donald Calthrop was engaged for numerous movies too during the 30s. To his well-known productions belong "All Riot on the Western Front" (30), Hitchcock's "Murder!" (30), Hitchcock's "Elstree Calling" (30), "Uneasy Virtue" (31), Hitchcock's "Number Seventeen" (32), "F.P.1" (33) - the English version of the German movie with Hans Albers, "I Was a Spy" (33), "Orders Is Orders" (34), "Scrooge" (35) as Bob Cratchit, "Broken Blossoms" (36), "Fire Over England" (37) and "Shadow of Death" (39).

His last movies were "Band Waggon" (40) and "Major Barbara" (41).

Privately he had to cope with some serious strokes. In 1930 he invited the chorus girl Nita Foy from the movie "Spanish Eyes" (30) into his wardrobe. There her dress caught fire and she burned to death.
Donald Calthrop - who was married at that time - not only had to explain his wife why Nita Foy was in his wardrobe but the marriage broke up in divorce and Donald Calthrop consumed increased alcohol. (Source imdb.com)
An other heavy stroke followed when he lost his two eldest sons during the battle of Dunkirk. Shortly afterwards he died at the age of only 52. 

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