Walter Byron alias Walter Butler

Walter Byron / Walter Butler

1899 - 1972

The actor Walter Butler went from England to the USA in 1928 where he was contracted by Samuel Goldwyn. From now on he he called himself Walter Byron.

His first movie in the USA was "The Awakening" (28) at Vilma Banky's side under the direction of Victor Fleming. 
With this movie he became established in the film business immediately and it followed the pictures "Queen Kelly" (29) with Gloria Swanson and directed by Erich von Stroheim and "The Sacred Flame" (29). 

In the 30's followed numerous other movies, among them "Not Damaged" (30), "The Lion and the Lamb" (31), "The Reckless Hour" (31), "The Menace" (32), "Vanity Fair" (32), "Charlie Chan's Greatest Case" (33), "All Men Are Enemies" (34), "Mary of Scotland" (36), "Back in Circulation" (37) and "Risky Business" (39). 

His last movies came in the 40's into being with "One Night in Lisbon" (41), "Mrs. Miniver" (42), "The Mummy's Tomb" (42) and "Gentleman Jim" (42) with Errol Flynn. 

Afterwards Walter Byron retired from the film business. 

On the left side is published the contract which was signed by Walter Byron (then Walter Butler) before he launched his film career in Hollywood. The producer Samuel Goldwyn has also signed the contract.

Other movies with Walter Byron:
Le passager (28) The Dancers (30) The Last Flight (31) Leftover Ladies (31) The Yellow Ticket (31) Three Wise Girls (32) Shop Angel (32) Sinners in the Sun (32) Society Girl (32) Week Ends Only (32) Exposure (32) This Sporting Age (32) The Crusader (32) Slightly Married (32) The Savage Girl (32) Grand Slam (33) What Price Decency (33) Lost in Limehouse (33) Kiss of Araby (33) Big Time or Bust (33) East of Fifth Avenue (33) Man of Two Worlds (34) Once to Every Woman (34) British Agent (34) Folies Bergère de Paris (35) Don't Bet on Blondes (35) If You Could Only Cook (35) The Bridge of Sighs (36) Top of the Town (37) As Good as Married (37) Mr. Boggs Steps Out (38) Frontier Scout (38) Trade Winds (38) Death Goes North (39) Crashing Thru (39) A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (41) Confirm or Deny (41) Nazi Agent (42) Once Upon a Honeymoon (42)