Mary Brough

1863 - 1934

The actress Mary Brough grew up in a family where theater played an important role. Her father was the actor Lionel Brough and also other relatives committed themselves to the stage.
She made her stage debut at the age of 18 and she became established at the British theater in the next years. She appeared in many classic plays, among them "Oliver Twist" and "David Copperfield".

She experienced the height of her career at advanced age at the beginning of the 20s. She became a member of the Aldwych Theater for many years and she became very popular with farces.

Mary Brough also left her mark in the film business and she already took part in first movies in 1914 like "The Brass Bottle" (14), "Lawyer Quince" (14) and "A Christmas Carol" (14).
She managed the breakthrough in the film in the 20s and she acted in many productions where she impersonated smaller and bigger roles.
To her well-known works of those years belong "The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss" (20), "The Diamond Necklase" (21), "The Tinted Venus" (21), "The Night Hawk" (21), "Lily of the Alley" (23), "The Passionate Adventure" (24), "The Only Way" (25), "Tons of Money" (26), "Sailors Don't Care" (28), "The Physician" (28) and "The Passing of Mr. Quin" (28).

Her last cinematical works came in the 30s into being where she appeared in the talkies "On Approval" (30), "Tons of Money" (30), "A Cuckoo in the Nest" (33) and "A Cup of Kindness" (34). Shortly afterwards she died at the same year at the age of 71.

Other movies with Mary Brough: 
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