Evelyn Brent

Photo: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1899 - 1975

The actress Evelyn Brent was born as Mary Elizabeth Riggs. She already made her film debut as a teenager and she appeare on the big screen at the age of 16 for the first time.
to her first movies belong "The Heart of a Painted Woman" (15), "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" (15), "The Iron Will" (16) and "The Spell of the Yukon" (16).

Till the end of the 10's she took part in the productions "To the Death" (17), "Daybreak" (18) and "The Glorious Lady" (19).

At the beginning of the 20's she worked in England both on stage and in movies before she returned to Hollywood in 1922. In 1923 she became well-known to the audience when she was chosen as one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars - a chose of 13 actresses each year they assume will be the next movie stars. 
In the next years she appeared in the movies "Sybil" (21), "Demos" (21), "The Experiment" (22), "Loving Lies" (24), "The Desert Outlaw" (24), "Forbidden Cargo" (25) and "Lady Robinhood" (25).

Her great breakthrough came in the second part of the 20's and she became a very popular star from 1927 thanks to two movies directed by Josef von Sternberg called "Underworld" (27) and "The Last Command" (28).

Unfortunately she could only enjoy the stardom for few years. After the rise of the talkies her fame diminished again.
To her most popular movies of the 30's belong "Framed" (30), "Madonna of the Streets" (30), "High Pressure" (32), "Without Children" (35), "Jungle Jim" (37), "Mr. Wong, Detective" (38) and "The Mad Empress" (39).

Her last regular appearances in front of the camera came in the 40's into being with "Westward Ho" (42), "Silent Witness" (43), "Bowery Champs" (44) and "The Golden Eye" (48).

With an episode of the TV serial "Wagon Train: The Lita Foladaire Story" (60) she finished her cinematical career. 

Evelyn Brent was among others married with the producer B.P. Fineman and the actor Harry Fox, after whom was named the famous fox-trot. 

Other movies with Evelyn Brent:
When Love Laughs (15) The Lure of Heart's Desire (16) The Soul Market (16) Playing with Fire (16) The Weakness of Strength (16) The Iron Woman (16) The Millionaire's Double (17) Who's Your Neighbor? (17) Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman (17) Border River (19) Help! Help! Police! (19) Fool's Gold (19) The Other Man's Wife (19) The Law Divine (20) The Shuttle of Life (20) The Door That Has No Key (21) Sonia (21) Laughter and Tears (21) Pages of Life (22) Married to a Mormon (22) Trapped by the Mormons (22) The Spanish Jade (22) Held to Answer (23) The Shadow of the East (24) Arizona Express (24) The Plunderer (24) The Lone Chance (24) The Cyclone Rider (24) The Dangerous Flirt (24) My Husband's Wives (24) Silk Stocking Sal (24) Midnight Molly (25) Alias Mary Flynn (25) Smooth as Satin (25) Three Wise Crooks (25) Broadway Lady (25) Queen o'Diamonds (26) Secret Orders (26) Leve 'Em and Leave 'Em (26) The Impostor (26) The Jade Cup (26) Flame of the Argentine (26) Love's Greatest Mistake (27) Blind Alleys (27) Women's Wares (27) Beau Sabreur (28) The Showdown (28) A Night of Mystery (28) His Tiger Wife 828) The Dragnet (28) The Mating Call (28) Interference (28) Broadway (29) Fast Company (29) Woman Trap (29) Why Bring That Up? (29) Darkened Rooms (29) Slightly Scarlet (30) Paramount on Parade (30) The Silver Horde (30) Traveling Husbands (31) The Pagan Lady (31) The Mad Parade (31) Attorney for the Defense (32) The Crusader (32) The World Gone Mad (33) Speed Limited (35) Symphony of Living (35) Home on the Ragne (35) The Nitwits (35) Song of the Trail (36) It Couln't Have Happened – But It Did (36) The President's Mystery (36) Hopalong Cassidy Returns (36) King of Gamblers (37) The Last Train from Madrid (37) Night Club Scandal (37) Sudden Bill Dorn (37) Daughter of Shanghai (37) Tip-Off Girls (38) The Law West of Tombstone (38) Panama Lady (39) Daughter of the Tong (39) Emergency Landing (41) Forced Landing (41) Wide Open Town (41) Dangerous Lady (41) Holt of the Secret Service (41) Wrecking Crew (42) The Payoff (42) Spy Train (43) The Seventh Victim (43) Raiders of the South (47) Robin Hood of Monterey (47) Stage Struck (48) Again…Pioneers (50)