Cyrus Townsend Brady

Cyrus Townsend Brady

1861 - 1920

TThe actor, director and producer Harold Huth began his film career as an actor with the silent movie "One of the Best" (27). It followed appearances in "Balaclava" (28), "The Scarlet Daredevil" (28) and "The Silver King" (29).
In the first half of the 30s he continued his acting career with the productions "Leave It to Me" (30), "Adventure" (31), "The Outsider" (31), "Sally Bishop" (32), "The World, the Flesh, the Devil" (32), "Rome Express" (32) and "The Camels Are Coming" (34).
Afterwards he only appeared from time to time in front of the camera, among them "This Was Paris" (42), "Blackmailed" (51) and "Sing Along with Me" (52).
From 1939 he also realised movies as a director and he was responsible for the movies "Dangerous Cargo" (39), "Bulldog Sees It Through" (40), "Night Beat" (47), "Look Before You Love" (48) and "The Hostage" (56).
As a producers he came in 1940 into being for "Haunted Honeymoon" (40) . In the next years he produced numerous other movies like "Sabotage Agent" (43), "They Were Sisters" (45), "Root of All Evil" (47), "Blackmailed" (51), "The Man Inside" (58), "The Bandit of Zhobe" (59), "The Trials of Oscar Wilde" (60) and "The Hellions" (61).
His cousin was the well-known screenwriter Roland Pertwee, his aunt the actress Eva Moore.

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Hearts Adrift (14) When the West was Young (14) A Child of God (15) Their First Quarrel (15) Count' Em (15) My Lady's Slipper (16) The Hero of Submarine D-2 (16) Womanhhod, the Glory of the Nation (17) Richard the Brazen (17) Transgression (17) For France (17) Sunlight's last Raid (17) The Marriage Speculation (17) Vengeance and the Woman (17) The Girl from Beyond (18) A Fight for Millions (18) The Iron Test (18) Man of Might (19) Whom the Gods Would Destroy (19) Perils of Thunder Mountain (19) Smashing Barriers (19) The Invisible Hand (20) The Blood Barrier (20) The Veiled Mystery (20)