Mickey Brantford

1912 - 1983

The actor Mickey Brantford was born as Michael Richard Henry Comerford in London.

He already joined the film at the age of five and he became a popular child actor in the next years.

After his film debut "A Man the Army Made" (17) he impesonated numerous roles in the 20s in movies like "The Glorious Adventure" (22), "The Road to Heaven" (22), "This Freedom" (23), "The Knockout" (23), "Not for Sale" (24), "Afraid of Love" (25), "The Triumph of the Rat" (26), "Carry On!" (27), "The Mystery of the Silent Death" (28), "Tesha" (28) and "The Burgomaster of Stilemonde" (29).

Mickey Brantford continued his film career as a young adult in the 30s before he retired from the film business at the age of 25.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Suspense" (30), "The Stolen Necklace" (33), "Jew Süss" (34), "Temptation" (34), "Strictly Illegal" (35), "The Last Journey" (26) and "The Reverse Be My Lot" (37).

Other movies with Mickey Brantford:
The Further Exploits of Sexton Blake: The Mystery of the S.S. Olympic (20) The Game of Life (22) The Lights o' London (22) Sal Grogan's Face (22) The Sporting Instinct (22) A Gamble with Hearts (23) The Rest Cure (23) Holloway's Treasure (24) Should a Mother Tell (25) Mare Nostrum (26) Thou Fool (26) Second to None (27) Dawn (28) The Rolling Road (28) The Great Office Mystery (28) The Clue of the Second Goblet (28) Silken Threads (28) Sexton Blake, Gambler (28) Blake the Lawbreaker (28) Star Impersonations (30) The New Hotel (32) A Yell of a Night (32) My Old Dutch (34) My Heart Is Callling (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) Me and Marlborough (35) The Phantom Light (35) Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk (35) Twice Branded (36) Where There's a Will (36) Darby and Joan (37)