Alice Brady

Alice Brady

1892 - 1939

The actress Alice Brady was already enthusiastic about theater as a child because her father was the well-known Broadway producer William A. Brady.
In 1911 she made her debut on Broadway with a play which was produced by her father.
When her father dedicated to the film business she followed him and startet a film career in New York in 1914 with "As Ye Sow" (14). In the next years she became established as a popular actress.
It followed movies like "The Lure of Woman" (15), "La vie de Bohème" (16), "The Gilded Cage" (16), "The Dancer's Peril" (17), "Betsy Ross" (17), "The Knife" (18), "At the Mercy of Men" (18), "The Better Half" (18), "The Indestructible Wife" (19) and "The Redhead" (19).
Becoming a silent film star she continued her film career in the 20s and took part in "Sinners" (20), "The New York Idea" (20), "The Land of Hope" (21), "Little Italy" (21), "Missing Millions" (22), "The Leopardess" (23) and "The Snow Bride" (23).
Afterwards she retired from the film business temporarily and concentrated again to the theater. 
Only ten years later she made her comeback in the sound film era of the 30s with "When Ladies Meet" (33).
In the last seven years of her career she was able to demonstrate again her acting abilities in front of the camera and impersonated support roles in popular productions like "Beauty for Sale" (33), "Should Ladies Behave" (34), "The Gay Divorcee" (34), "The Harvester" (36), "My Man Godfrey" (36), "Three Smart Girls" (36), "In Old Chicago" (37), "Mr. Dodd Takes the Air" (37) and "Young Mr. Lincoln" (39) - her last movie.
She experience a late highlate with the Oscar nomination in 1937 and with the win of the Oscar in 1938 as best support actress.
During the Academy Awards ceremony she was not able to attend personally because of a broken ankle. A man appeared and accepted the Oscar on behalf of Alice Brady. Later they found out that this was an impostor who had stolen the Oscar.
They never caught the impostor and the Academy could not reproduce a second Oscar for Alice Brady on time because she died one year later of cancer at the age of 46.
Alice Brady was married with the actor James Crane.

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