Malcolm Stuart Boylan

Malcolm Stuart Boylan

1897 - 1967

The writer Malcolm Stuart Boylan first worked as a stage actor and newpapers publicist. At the beginning of the 20's he became director of publicity for Universal and First National and came in touch with the film business. 

As writer of stories his first filmed story was "Magnificent Brute" (21), in the next years followed many others both as an author and screen writer. 
To these productions belong "The Guilty Trail" (21), "Matching Wits" (22) and "Wild Papa" (25).

Malcolm Stuart Boylan began to create movie titles from 1925 just for fun but the quality was so convincing that he soon was referred as title designer. 

With the raise of the talkies he more often worked as a screen writer, to these movies belong "Shipmates" (31), "Hell Divers" (31), "Flaming Gold" (33), "Dangerous Waters" (36), "A Yank at Oxford" (38) and "The Lady's from Kentucky" (39).

In the 40's followed many other scripts for movies like "Dr. Cyclops" (40), "Girl from Havana" (40), "Red River Valley" (41), "Alaska" (44), "The Phantom Thief" (46), "The Man Who Dared" (46), "For the Love of Rusty" (47) and "The Lone Wolf and His Lady" (49).

To his last cinematical adaptions belong "One Too Many" (50), the Walt Disney serial "Zorro" (57) and "La fuente magica" (63).

Other movies from Malcolm Stuart Boylan (Screen Writer): 
Making the Grade (29) Masquerade (29) Politics (31) Cheaters at Play (32) Madame Racketeer (32) If I Had a Million: The Three Marines (32) A Lady's Profession (33) Stand Up and Cheer! (34) Devil Dogs of the Air (35) O'Shaughnessy's Boy (35) When's Your Birthday? (37) St. Louis Blues (39) Girl from God's Country (40) Mr. District Attorney (41) Sailors on Leave (41) Mercy Island (41) The Devil Pays Off (41) Remember Pearl Harbor (42) U-Boat Prisoner (44) Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion (45) Bedside Manner (45) A Close Call for Boston Blackie (46) The Unknown (46) Boston Blackie and the Law (46) Alias Mr. Twilight (46) Keeper of the Bees (47) The Son of Rusty (47) Customs Agent (50) Soldiers Three (51) Serie "Captain Midnight" (54) Serie "The Adventures of Clint and Mac" (57) Serie "Colt .45: The Devil's Godson" (59) Serie "Bonanza: Escape to Ponderosa" (60)

Title Designer:
What Price Beauty? (25) Black Cyclone (25) Speed Mad (25) The Fate of a Flirt (25) The Red Kimona (25) What's the World Comint To? (26) Hands Across the Border (26) The Sporting Lover (26) 3 Bad Men (36) The Blue Eagle (26) What Price Glory (26) Outlaws of Red Rver (27) Chain Lightning (27) The Joy Girl (27) Two Girls Wanted (27) Silver Valley (27) Pajamas (27) Ladies Must Dress (27) The Wizard (27) JCome to My House (27) Woman Wise (28) Sharp Shooters (28) Soft Living (28) A Girl in Every Port (28) Square Crooks (28) Dressed to Kill (28) Hangman's House (28) News Parade (28) The Red Dance (28) Road House (28) Lost in the Arctic (28) The River Pirate (28) Plastered in Paris (28) Prep and Pep (28) Captain Lash (29) True Heaven (29) Fugitives (29) Strong Boy (29) Blue Skies (29) Girls Gone Wild (29) Not Quite Decent (29) Trent's Last Case (29) Joy Street (29) The Woman from Hell (29)