Chili Bouchier

1909 - 1999

The actress Chili Bouchier, also known as Dorothy Bouchier, was able to win a beauty contest of the Daily Mirror which got her a model job and this led to her later acting career.

At the theater as well as in movies she became a very busy actress. To her first movies belong "Mumsie" (27), "A Woman in Pawn" (27), "Chick" (28), "The Silver King" (29) and "Downstream" (29).

The transition to the sound film era was no problem for her and she continued her career with productions like "Enter the Queen" (30), "Carnival" (31), "The Blue Danube" (32), "To Be a Lady" (34), "The Ghost Goes West" (35), "Gypsy" (37), "Mr. Satan" (38) and "The Happy Hangman" (39).

From the 40's her engagement in front of the camera diminished slowly and she got into afinancial crisis. To her last movies belong "Murder in Reverse" (45), "Old Mother Riley's New Venture" (49), "The Counterfeit Plan" (57) and "Dead Lucky" (60).
Beside the film business the world of the theater offered her a grateful field of activity.

Chili Bouchier was among others married with the actor Harry Milton.

Other movies with Chili Bouchier:
Shooting Stars (27) Mumsie (27) A Woman in Pawn (27) Palais de danse (28) Chick (28) Maria Marten (28) Dawn (28) You Know What Sailors Are (28) Warned Off (28) The Silver King (29) Downstream (29) City of Play (29) Kissing Cup's Race (30) Enter the Queen (30) Call of the Sea (30) Brown Sugar (31) Carnival (31) The Blue Danube (32) Ebb Tide (32) Summer Lightning (33) The King's Cup (33) Purse Strings (33) It's a Cop (34) To Be a Lady (34) The Office Wife (34) Death Drives Through (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) The Mad Hatters (35) Honours Easy (35) Lucky Days (35) Get Off My Foot (35) Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk (35) The Ghost Goes West (35) Faithful (36) Where's Sally? (36) Southern Roses (36) Gypsy (37) Mayfair Melody (37) The Minstrel Boy (37) Change for a Sovereign (37) The Singing Cop (38) The Dark Stairway (38) Mr. Satan (38) The Return of Carol Deane (38) Everything Happens to Me (38) The Mind of Mr. Reeder (39) The Happy Hangman (39) My Wife's Family (41) Facing the Music (41) Murder in Reverse (45) The Laughin Lady (46) Mrs. Fitzherbert (47) The Case of Charles Peace (49) Old Mother Riley's New Venture (49) Blueprint for Danger (52) The Counterfeit Plan (57) The Boy and the Bridge (59) Dead Lucky (60)