John Boles

1895 - 1969

The actor John Boles already demonstrated an affection for acting and singing. After graduation from the University of Texas he got a small role in an opera at the King Opera House.

During World War I he served in the army intelligence service in Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey. 
After the war he continued his career in the entertainment industry and studied music in New York. Finally he got an engagement in the musical "Little Jesse James" on Broadway. He quickly became an established star of Broadway and attracted the attention of Hollywood producers.

His first movies were "The Sixth Commandment" (24) "Excuse Me" (25), "The Love of Sunya" (27) and "Virgin Lips" (28). 
After his impressive role in "Rio Rita" (29) he impersonated the leading role in "The Desert Song" (29) which was the breakthrough for him.
Unlike many other actors he managed the transition to talkies with few problems because of his trained voice. To his well-known movies of the 30's belong "Resurrection" (31), "Frankenstein" (31), "Back Street" (32), "The Age of Innocence" (34), "Stella Dallas" (37) and "Romance in the Dark" (38).
He was also very successful with his roles at Shirley Temple's side in the movies "Stand Up and Cheer" (34), "The Littlest Rebel" (35) and "Curly Top" (35).

John Boles' fame waned in the 40's and he only took part in "Road to Happiness" (42), "Between Us Girls" (42) and "Thousands Cheer" (43). Beside it he appeared again on Broadway.

He only returned to the screen in "Babes in Bagdad" (52) - his last movie.

Other movies with John Boles: 
So This Is Marriage? (24) The Shepherd of the Hills (27) Fazil (28) We Americans (28) The Water Hole (28) Man-Made Woman (28) Romance of the Underworld (28) The Bride of the Colorado (28) The Last Warning (29) Scandal (29) Captain of the Guard (30) Song of the West (30) The King of Jazz (30) Seed (31) One Heavenly Night (31) Good Sport (31) Careless Lady (32) Beloves (34) Six Hours to Live (32) Child of Manhattan (33) Only Yesterday (33) My Lips Betray (33) I Believed in You (34) Bottoms Up (34) Wild Gold (34) The Life of VergieWinters (34) The White Parade (34) Music in the Air (34) Orchids to You (35) Redheads on Parade (35) Rose of the Rancho (36) Craig's Wife (36) A Message to Garcia (36) Fight for Your Lady (37) She Married an Artist (37) As Good as Married (37) Sinners in Paradise (38)