Sidney Blackmer

Sidney Blackmer

1895 - 1973

The actor Sidney Blackmer already took a decision to become an actor as a teenager and he went to New York to learn it. 

He already appeared in 1914 in first movies like "The Perils of Pauline" (14) and "Beating Back" (14), other small appearances followed without naming him in the credits.

In 1917 he made his Broadway debut and it followed many appearances in the following years. His greatest success was the play "The Mountain Main" (21) which made him a star.

Only at the end of the 20's he was able to launch a successful film career with "A Most Immoral Lady" (29) and "The Love Racket" (29).

The 30's offered him numerous roles, often as a villain but also sympathetic roles.
To his well-known movies of this decade belong "Kismet" (30), "Little Caesar" (31) with an ingenious Edward G. Robinson, "The Lady Who Dared" (31), "Goodbye Love" (33), "The Count of Monte Cristo" (34), "Smart Girl" (35), "Heart of the West" (36), "House of Secrets" (36), "In Old Chicago" (37), "Heidi" (37), "Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo" (37), "Thank You, Mr. Moto" (37), "The Last Gangster" (37), "Suez" (38) and "It's a Wonderful World" (39).

Although Sidney Blackmer still appeared regular on Broadway he had the time to continue his film career as well with many roles in the next years.
To the movies of the 40's belong "Framed" (40), "Murder Among Friends" (41), "The Feminine Touch" (41), "Gallant Lady" (42), "In Old Oklahoma" (43), "Duel in the Sun" (46) and "A Song Is Born" (48).

The 50's turned the film business inside out because of the new competition by television. Also Sidney Blackmer took part in many TV production and serials in the next years but he still appeared on the big screen as well. 
To his most popular productions of those years belong "People Will Talk" (51), an episode of the serial "Tales of Tomorrow: The Dark Angel" (51), "The San Francisco Story" (52), "Johnny Dark" (54), "The High and the Mighty" (54), an episode of the serial "The United States Steel Hour: The Notebook Warrior" (54), "High Society" (56), "Accused of Murder" (56), "Tammy and the Bachelor" (57), an episode of the serial "The Californians: The Sharpshooter" (58) and an episode of the serial "Wanted: Dead or Alive: Rope Law" (59).

In the waning years of his career it was granted to Sidney Blackmer to play again in notable productions and to show his acting abilities. To these movies belong "How to Murder Your Wife" (65), "A Covenant with Death" (67) and especially "Rosemary's Baby" (68) directed by Roman Polanski.

With the movies "Revenge Is My Destiny" (71) and "Do You Take This Stranger?" (71) he said goodbye to the film business.

Other movies with Sidney Blackmer:
Strictly Modern (30) Sweethearts and Wives (30) The Bad Man (30) Mothers Cry (30) Woman Hungry (31) It's a Wise Child (31) From Hell to Heaven (33) Cocktail Hour (33) The Wrecker (33) Deluge (33) This Man Is Mine (34) Down to Their Last Yacht (34) Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (34) The President Vanishes (34) A Notorious Gentleman (35) The Little Colonel (35) Behing the Green Lights (35) Great God Gold (35) Shadows of the Orient (35) Streamline Express (35) The Girl Who Came Back (35) False Pretenses (35) The Fire Trap (35) Forced Landing (35) Woman Trap (36) Florida Special (36) Early to Bed (36) Missing Girls (36) The President's Mystery (36) Girl Overboard (37) A Doctor's Diary (37) John Meade's Woman (37) Michael O'Halloran (37) This Is My Affair (37) The Women Men Marry (37) Wife, Doctor and Nurse (37) Speed to Burn (38) Straight Place and Show (38) Down on the Farm (38) Sharpshooters (38) Orphans of the Street (38) While New York Sleeps (38) Trade Winds (38) Convict's Code (39) Fast and Loose (39) Within the Law (39) Unmarried (39) Trapped in the Sky (39) Hotel for Women (39) The Monroe Doctrine (39) Law of the Pampas (39) Teddy the Rough Rider (40) Maryland (40) Dance, Girl, Dance (40) I Want a Divorce (40) Third Finger, Left Hand (40) Cheers for Miss Bishop (41) The Great Swindle (41) Rookies on Parade (41) Love Crazy (41) Angels with Broken Wings (41) Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (41) The Officer and the Lady (41) Down Mexico Way (41) Nazi Agent (42) Obliging Young Lady (42) The Panther's Claw (42) Always in My Heart (42) Sabotage Squad (42) Quiet Please: Murder (42) Murder in Times Square (43) I Escaped from the Gestapo (43) Broadway Rhythm (44) Buffalo Bill (44) The Lady and the Monster (44) Wilson (44) My Girl Tisa (48) Serie "NBC Presents: Tin Can Skipper" (49) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Dark Hammock (49) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Macbeth (49) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Damion's Daughter (49) Serie "Suspense: Post Mortem" (49) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: Television Story" (51) Serie "Suspense: This Is Your Convession" (51) Serie "Armstrong Circle Theatre: Last Chance" (51) Saturday's Hero (51) Seire "Lights Out: Prophet of Darkness" (51) Serie "The Web: Kill with Kindness" (52) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: Victory" (52) Serie "Broadway Television Theatre: The Barker" (52) Washington Story (52) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Refresher Course" (52) Serie "Goodyear Television Playhouse: A. 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