Herman Bing

1889 - 1947

The actor Herman Bing was born as the son of the opera singer Max Bing. He began his artistic career at the circus and with appearances at vaudevilles where he already demonstrated his comedic talent.

He made his film debut in 1921 with "Ciska Barna, die Zigeunerin" (21) but it remained his only cinematical work in front of the camera for the time being. He was active as a production chief of several movies.

When the director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau went to the USA Herman Bing followed him and was working for Murnau as a interpreter and he was also the director assistant for Murnau's movies "Sunrise" (27) and "4 Devils" (28).

Finally he gained a foothold as an actor in Hollywood, normally with funny roles. Because of his burlesque German accent he soon became very popular.
In the next years he impersonated numerous support roles in well-known movies like "The Three Sisters" (30), "Menschen hinter Gittern" (31), "Private Lives" (31), "Anna Christie" (31), "Unashamed" (32), "The Great Jasper" (33), "Dinner at Eight" (33), "Lady Killer" (33), "The Cat and the Fiddle" (34), "The Black Cat" (34), "Evelyn Prentice" (34), "Barbary Coast" (35), "Tango" (36), "The Great Ziegfeld" (36), "Champagne Waltz" (37), "Bluebeard's Eight Wife" (38) and "The Great Waltz" (38).

When World War II broke out in Europe everything reminding to German was frowned upon. And what supported Herman Bings popularity in Hollywood became now the reason of the end of his career. His German accent was no longer in demand and from 1939 he only took part in few more movies.
To these productions belong "Public eb No. 1" (40), "The Devil with Hitler" (42), "I Was a Criminal" (45), "Breakfast in Hollywood" (46) and "Night and Day" (46).

Besides his activity as an actor he also spoke some roles in animation movies, among them as Von Hamburger in "Daffy Duck in Hollywood" (38) and as Ringmaster in "Dumbo" (41).

Herman Bing became increasingly depressed and in 1947 he committed suicide by shooting himself in Los Angeles at the age of 57.

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