W. H. Berry

W. H. Berry

1870 - 1951

The actor and comedian W. H. Berry already came in touch with the theater at the age of 14 when he was an apprentice for the agency Keith, Prowse and Co. which was closely linked to the West End theater. KLater he took over an assistant position for Wilson Barret at the Globe Theater.

When Wilson Barrett closed the Globe Theater, W. H. Berry was forced to work at a factory. But it didn't last long till he was able to put his comical talent into action as a concert pianist and a pierrot. 
At such an occasion he was spotted by George Grossmith jr. who engaged him for the play "The Merry Widow" (07). Afterwards followed many other successful stage productions like "Havana" (08), "The Dollar Princess" (09), "The Count of Luxembourg" (11), "High Jinks" (16) and "The Boy" (17) - his greatest success by impersonating the role of Mr. Meebles.

He continued his stage career in the 20s and 30s successfully, among others with "The Naughty Princess" (20) and "Princess Charming" (26).

The film business became aware of Berry as well and engaged him for comical movies like "The Bosun's Mate" (14) and "Mister Cinders" (14).

But the film remained a marginal note in W. H. Berry's career. It lasted 20 years till he continued his film career.
To these productions belong "Once in a Million" (35), "Honours Easy" (35) and "A Star Fell from Heaven" (36).

Beside it W. H. Berry was also one of the first radio broadcasters when he worked regularly for the BBC from 1922.

Other movies with W. H. Berry:
The Student's Romance (35) Music Hath Charms (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) She Knew What She Wanted (36)