Dorothy Bernard

Dorothy Bernard

1890 - 1955

The actress Dorothy Bernard grew up in Oregon and came in contact with the theater at young age because her father was an actor on stage.

Therefore Dorothy Bernard already appeared as a child on stage for the first time, still living in Portland, before the family moved to Los Angeles where her father was the manager of the Balasco theater. 

Already in 1908 she took part in a movie called "A Woman's Way" (08) for the first time and became with it one of the pioneers of the silent movie era. 

In the next years came countless short movies into being, among them "The Cord of Life" (09), "Two Woman and a Man" (09), "His Last Burglary" (10), "The Way of the World" (10), "Ramona" (10), "His Trust" (11), "The Failure" (11), "A Blot on the Scrutcheon" (12), "A String of Pearls" (12), "The Root of Evil" (12), "When Kings Were the Law" (12), "An Indian Summer" (12), "Black Sheep" (12), "The Sheriff's Baby" (13) and "Classmates" (14).

In the second part of the 10s she appeared again in well-known productions like "The Second Commandment" (15), "Dr. Rameau" (15), "The Little Gypsy" (15), "A Man of Sorrow" (16), "Sporting Blood" (16), "The Accomplice" (17), "Les misérables" (17) and "Little Women" (18).

Afterwards her film career diminished. In the next few years she only acted in two more movies called "The Great Shadow" (20) and "The Wild Goose" (21).

Only after more than 30 years after her last movie she made a comeback in the 50s and appeared in several TV serials. 
To these serials belong "Life with Father" (53), an episode of the serial "The Millionaire: The Jean Griffith Story" (55), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu: The Counterfeiters of Dr. Fu Manchu" (55) and "Come Next Spring" (55).

Dorothy Bernard was married with the actor and stage director A. H. Van Buren.

Other movies with Dorothy Bernard:
An Awful Moment (08) The Girls and Daddy (09) Lady Helen's Escapade (09) The Cricket on the Hearth (09) Her First Biscuits (09) A Convict's Sacrifice (09) Mrs. Jones' Lover or I Want My Hat (09) A Fair Exchange (09) In the Watches of the Night (09) What's Your Hurry? (09) A Midnight Adventure (09) The Woman from Mellon's (10) Taming a Husband (10) The Final Settlement (10) The Newlyweds (10) Thous Shalt Not (10) A Victim of Jealousy (10) A Midnight Cupid (10) A Flash of Light (10) The Usurer (10) A Summer Idyll (10) The Message of the Violin (10) Two Little Waifs (10) A Plain Song (10) Turning the Tables (10) Winning Back His Love (10) The Two Paths (11) His Trust Filfilled (11) Fate's Turning (11) Sunshine Trhough the Dark (11) The Baby and the Stork (12) A Tale of the Wilderness (12) For His Son (12) A Sister's Loe (12) A Siren of Impulse (12) The Girl and Her Trust (12) Iola's Promise (12) The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch (12) The Female of the Species (12) One Is Business, the Other Crime (12) His Lesson (12) An Outcast Among Outcasts (12) Heaven Avenges (12) Near to Earth (13) The Little Tease (13) A Cure for Suffragettes (13) As It Might Have Been (14) Princess Romanoff (15) Gambier's Advocate (15) The District Attorney (15) The Song of Hate (15) The Broken Law (15) A Soldier's Oath (15) Fighting Blood (16) The Bondman (16) Sins of Men (16) The Rainbow (17) The Final Payment (17) Serie "Front Row Center: Ooutward Bound" (55) Serie "The People's Choice: An Adventure of Sock" (55) Serie "General Electric Theater: Try to Remember" (55)