George Beranger

1893 - 1973

The actor George Beranger was born as Georges Augustus Alexandre Roger de L'ile de Beranger in Sydney, Australia.

He already impersonated roles on stage as a teenager at about 1909 in plays of William Shakespeare before he left Australia in 1912 and went to the USA.

When he arrived in California he soon got a foothold in the film business and he made his film debut at Lionel Barrymore's side with "The Well" (13).

Shortly afterwards he was also engaged regularly by D. W. Griffith and George Beranger became a demanded support actor.

to his other movies at the beginning of his career belong "Almost a Wild Man" (13), "The Adopted Brother" (13), "Home, Sweet Home" (14), "The Birth of a Nation" (15), The Big Brother" (15), "The Family Secret" (16), "Intolerance" (16), "Mixed Blood" (16), "A Daughter of the Poor" (17) and "Broken Blossoms" (19).

After an interruption of few years he continued his film career in 1923 and took part in many well-known movies, among them "The Leopardess" (23), "The Extra Girl" (23), "Beau Brummel" (24), "Confessions of a Queen" (25), "The Big Parade" (25), "Miss Brester's Millions" (26), "The Bat" (26), "The Lady of the Harem" (26), "Beware of Bachelors" (28) and "Strange Cargo" (29).

The transition to the sound film was no problem for his but his engagements remained limited to support roles.
To the productions he was involved belong "Lilies of the Field" (30), "Surrender" (31), "Jimmy the Gent" (34), "Clive of India" (35), "Gold Diggers of 1935" (35), "Stars Over Broadway" (35), "The Story of Louis Pasteur" (36), "The Walking Dead" (36), "The Singing Kid" (36), "Hearts Divided" (36), "The Big Noise" (36), "Cain and Mabel" (36), "Stolen Holiday" (37), "San Quentin" (37) and "The Lone Wolf in Paris" (38).

In the last years of his film career he appeared in "Two in a Taxi" (41), "The Spider" (45), "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim" (47), "Cry of the City" (48) and "The Fan" (49).

With "Wabash Avenue" (50) he retired from the big screen.

Besides his activity as an actor George Beranger also realised some movies as a director from 1914 like "Baby's Ride" (14), "The Double Crossing of Slim" (15), "A Manhattan Knight" (20), "Number 17" (20) and "Was She Guilty?" (22).

Other movies with George Beranger:
The Switch Tower (13) When Love Forgives (13) Bill's Job (14) The Avenging Conscience: or Thou Shalt Not Kill (14) The Absentee (15) The Bride of the Sea (15) The Fatal Hour (15) Bred in the Bone (15) The Stab (15) Let Katie Do It (16) The Good Bad Man (16) Flirting with Fate (16) The Half-Breed (16) Pillars of Society (16) Manhattan Madness (16) Should She Have Told? (16) In the Dead o' Night (16) Those Without Sin (17) A Love Sublime (17) Time Locks and Diamonds (17) The Spotted Lily (17) Sandy (18) A Bum Bomb (18) The Bright Shawl (23) Ashes of Vengeance (23) Dulcy (23) Tiger Rose (23) The Man Life Passed By (23) Poisoned Paradise (24) His Hour (24) Beauty and the Bad Man (25) Are Parents People? (25) The Man in Blue (25) Grounds for Divorce (25) A Woman's Faith (25) Hot Cakes for Two (26) The Grand Duchess and the Waiter (26) So This is Paris (26) Fig Leaves (26) The Eagle of the Sea (26) The Popular Sin (26) Paradise for Two (27) Altars of Desire (27) The Small Bachelor (27) If I Were Single (27) Powder My Back (28) Five and Ten Cent Annie (28) Stark Mad (29) Glad Rag Doll (29) Darkened Rooms (29) The Boudoir Diplomat (30) Three Girls Lost (31) Annabelle's Affairs (31) The Age for Love (31) Ladies of the Jury (32) Love Is a Racket (32) Ex-Lady (33) Mama Loves Papa (33) Coming-Out Party (34) Hollywood Party (34) Kiss and Make-Up (34) Young and Beautiful (34) The Captain Hates the Sea (34) One New York Night (35) Once in a Blue Moon (35) The Flame Within (35) Don't Bet on Blondes (35) The Payoff (35) Ship Cafe (35) The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (35) Dangerous (35) Anything Goes (36) King of the Islands (36) Love Before Breakfast (36) Colleen (36) Snowed Under (36) Times Square Playboy (36) Bullets or Ballots (36) The Song of a Nation (36) Hot Money (36) China Clipper (36) Love Begins at Twenty (36) Walking on Air (36) Down the Stretch (36) Love on the Run (36) King of Hockey (36) Ready, Willing and Able (37) Café Metropole (37) Dangerous Hiliday (37) Wake Up and Live (37) Fight for Your Lady (37) Hollywood Round-Up (37) I'll Take Romance (37) Beauty for the Asking (39) He Stayed for Breakfast (40) She Knew All the Answers (41) Our Wife (41) Over My Dead Body (42) Saratoga Trunk (45) Nightmare Alley (47) Road House (48) The Snake Pit (48) Unfaithfully Yours (48) Chicken Every Sunday (49) You're My Everything (49) Dancing in the Dark (49) 

Branch Number Thirty-Seven (15) Uncle Sam of Freedom Ridge (20) Burn 'Em Up Barnes (21) Sinister Street (22) Western Luck (24) 

A Manhattan Knight (20)