Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

1870 - 1944

The actor Richard Bennett began his professional career with occasional jobs, among others he was a boxer, a night clerk and a troubadour. He made his stage in Chicago in 1891. 
Finally he went to New York where he appeared on Broadway in 1899 for the first time. He became a popular actor after his appearance in the play "Man and Superman" in 1905. 
He underpinned his position at the theater in the next years and was very successful on stage.
Richard Bennett made his film debut with "Damaged Goods" (14), a filming of a former play he already impersonated on stage. For this movie he also cooperated in the direction. 
He concentrated to the theater again in the next years, still he took part in numerous silent movies of the 10s and 20s where he played impressive roles. 
To these movies belong "The Valley of Decision" (16), "The End of the Road" (19), "Youth for Sale" (24) and "The Home Towners" (28).
Richard Bennett continued his film career in the 30s and appeared in "Arrowsmith" (31), "This Reckless Age" (32), "If I Had a Million" (32) and "Nana" (34).
After a longer interruption he had a brief comeback on the screen in the 40s with Orson Welles' "The Magnificent Ambersons" (42) as Major Amberson and with "Journey Into Fear" (43).
Richard Bennett was married three times, among others with the actress Adrienne Morrison. From this marriage came the daughters Constance Bennett and Joan Bennett who both became famous movie actresses as well.

Other movies with Richard Bennett: 
The Sable Blessing (16) Philip Holden – Waster (16) And the Law Says (16) The Gilded Youth (17) National Red Cross Pageant (17) The Eternal City (23) Lying Wives (25) Faive and Ten (31) Bought! (31) No Greater Love (32) Madame Racketeer (32) Strange Justice (32) The Song of Songs (33) Big Executive (33) 18 Minutes (35)

Damaged Goods (14) The Valley of Decision (16) Secret Marriage (19) 

And the Law Says (16)