Constance Bennett

1904 - 1965

The actress Constance Bennett was born into an artistic family. Her father was the actor Richard Bennett and her mother was the actress Adrienne Morrison.
Her sisters Joan Bennett and Barbara Bennett became actresses as well.

She began her film career already in 1916 with the silent movie "The Valley of Decision" (16). In this movies took also part her sisters and her father. From 1922 followed the movies "Reckless Youth" (22), "Evidence" (22) and "What's Wrong with the Women?" (22). Those movies still came in New York into being.

Finally she was engaged by Samuel Goldwyn who brought her to Hollywood where she appeared in the movies "Cytherea" (24), "Code of the West" (25), "The Goose Woman" (25), "Sally, Irene and Mary" (25) and "Married?" (26).
After her marriage she retired from the film business and only returned to the big screen in 1929 after her divorce.

She was able to continue her former film career with no problems and she became one of the most popular Hollywood movies stars of the 30s and at the beginning of the 30s she was even the best paid actress.
To her movies of those years belong "This Thing Called Love" (29), "Son of the Gods" (30), "The Easiest Way" (31), "Born to Love" (31), "What Price Hollywood?" (32), "Lady with a Past" (32), "Two Against the World" (32), "Moulin Rouge" (34), "Outcast Lady" (34), "Everything Is Thunder" (36), "Topper" (37), "Topper Takes a Trip" (38) and "Tail Spin" (39).

Her engagements diminished a little in the 40s still she impersonated numerous roles in productions like "Escape to Glory "(40), "Two-Faced Woman" (412), "Madame Spy" (42), "The Unsuspected" (47) and "Smart Woman" (48).

The 50s and 60s were marked by appearances for TV productions and she acted in "As Young As You Feel" (51), an episode of the serial "Robert Montgomery Presents: Senora Isobel" (52), an episode of the serial "Suspense: Mr. Nobody" (53), "It Should Happen to You" (54), an episode of the serial "The Reporter: The Man Behing the Man" (64) and "Madame X" (66).
Her last movie was released after her death. Shorty after the end of the shooting she died at the age of only 60.

Beside her acting she founded her own cosmetics and clothing company. Legendary were also her feud with the gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

Constance Bennett was among others married with the actor Gilbert Roland and the director Henri de la Falaise.

Other movies with Constance Bennett:
Into the Net (24) The Goose Hangs High (25) My Son (25) My Wife and I (25) Wandering Fires (25) The Pinch Hitter (25) Rich People (29) Three Faces East (30) Common Clay (30) Sin Takes a Holiday (30) The Common Law (31) Bought! (31) Rockabye (32) Our Betters (33) Bed of Roses (33) After Tonight (33) The Affairs of Cellini (34) After Office Hours (35) Ladies in Love (36) Merrily We Live (38) Service de Luxe (38) Law of the Tropics (41) Wild Bill Hickok Rides (42) Sin Town (42) Paris Underground (45) Centennial Summer (46) Angel on the Amazon (48) Serie "Cameo Theatre: Avalanche" (51) Serie "Faith Baldwin Romance Theatre: Love Letters" (51) Serie "Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: Home and Beauty" (51) ) Serie "Broadway Television Treatre: Twentieth Century" (53) Serie "The Philip Morris Playhouse: Kitty Doone" (54) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: Onions in the Stew" (56) Serie "The Ann Sothern Show: Always April" (61)

Kliou the Tiger (35) Legong: Dance of the Virgins (35) Paris Underground (45)