Ian Hay Beith

Ian Hay Beith

1876 - 1952

The writer and screenwriter Ian Hay Beith joined the Durham School in 1902 and there he was also the coach for the rugby and boating crew. 

During World War I he was among other places also in France, later he got the silver cross for his merit.

He soon was successful as a writer and besides his books he also wrote numerous plays. One of his well-known plays is "The First Hundred Thousand" (16).
His plays were distinguished with a special wit and one of his most popular sentences he wrote for "Housemaster" (36), in which he let ask the protagonist "What do you mean, funny? Funny-peculiar or funny ha-ha?"

Ian Hay Beiths works summarize among others "Tilly of Bloomsbury", "The Right Stuff", "The Crimson Cocoanut", "A Safety Match" and "Happy-Go-Lucky".

He adapted the book "A Damsel in Distress" written by P.G. Wodehouse for the stage in 1928 it emerged a teamwork between both which resulted in other works like "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Leave it to Psmith".

Ian Hay Beith already came in touch with the film business in 1917 when he worked as a technical advisor for Cecil B. DeMille's movie "The Little American" (17).
Because of his writing background he also wrote the script for several movies as well as dialogues for some movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

To Ian Hay Beith filmed books and written scripts belong among others "The Common Cause" (19), "Tilly of Bloomsbury" (21), "The Sporting Lover" (26), "The Middle Watch" (30), "Orders is Orders" (33), "I Was a Spy (33), Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps" (39), "All at Sea" (35), Hitchcock's "Secret Agent" (36), "Sabotage" (36), "The Frog" (37) and "Little Ladyship" (39).

In the next years more books were adapted for the film like "An Englishman's Home" (40), "Carry on Admiral" (57), "The Sign of Zorro" (58) and "Sikke's familie" (63).

Other movies from Ian Hay Beith (Screenwriter and filmed books):
The Happy Ending (25) Tommy Atkins (28) Tilly of Bloomsbury (31) The Mishipmaid (32) Leave It to Me (33) Admirals All (35) Me and Marlborough (35) The Widow from Monte Carlo (35) Keep Your Seats, Please (36) The Man Behind the Mask (36) Farewell Again  (37) A Damsel in Distress (37) Housemaster (38) Return of the Frog (38) The Middle Watch (40) Tilly of Bloomsbury (40) Orders Are Orders (54) Girls at Sea (58) Serie "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Frog" (58)