Wesley Barry

Photo: Nelson Evans (1890-1923)

1907 - 1994

The actor Wesley Barry was spotted for the film business by a director at Kalem in 1914, one year later he appeared the freckled Wesley Barry made his screen debut with "The Phoney Cannibal" (15). In the first few years of his career his freckles were covered with greasepaint, only from 1917 the film makers realized the potential of the rascally appearance of Wesley Barry's face which soon became a popular trade mark. 

He soon became a much demanded child actor and in the next years he took part in productions like "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (17), "The Fifth Boy" (17), "Johanna Enlists" (18), "Her Kingdom of Dreams" (19), "Daddy-Long-Legs" (19) and "Male and Female" (19).

He reached the heyday of his film career in the 20s and he impersonated impressive roles in "The White Circle" (20), "Stranger Than Fiction" (21), "School Days" (21), "Penrod" (22), "The Country Kid" (23), "George Washington jr." (24), "The Fighting Club" (25), "Wild Geese" (27), "In Old Kentucky" (27), "Skyscraper" (28) and "Innocents of Paris" (29).

With the rise of the sound film and grew out of his infancy his roles became smaller. In the next years he played support roles in the movies "Sunny Skies" (30), "Get That Venus" (33), "Night Life of the Gods" (35), "Lady Be Careful" (36), "Pick a Star" (37), "Battle of Broadway" (38) and "Man About Town" (39).
With "Ladies' Day" (43) came his last movie as an actor into being.

In contrast to many other child stars Wesley Barry accepted that his time as a movie star was over and he turned towards other activities within the film business. 
So he started a career as a assistant director and second-unit-director. In this function he realised movies like "Danerous Money" (46), "Buffalo Bill Rides Again" (47), "Rocky" (48), "The Golden Eye" (48), "Kidnapped" (48), "Black Midnight" (49), "The Wolf Hunters" (49), "A Modern Marriage" (50), "Ghost Chasers" (51), die Serie "Lassie" (62-64), "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (67), die Serie "The Mod Squad" (68-69), "The Monk" (69), "Yuma" (71), "If Tomorrow Comes" (71) and the serial "The Rookies" (72-75).

From 1950 he was also active as a producer and from 1952 he also realised some movies and TV productions as a director.

Other movies with Wesley Barry (Actor): 
Maybe Moonshine (16) Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (18) How Could You, Jean? (18) The Unpardonable Sin (19) A Woman of Pleasure (19) Don't Ever Marry (20) Go and Get It (20) The County Fair (20) Dinty (20) Bob Hampton of Placer (21) Bits of Life (21) The Lotus Eater (21) Rags to Riches (22) Heroes of the Street (22) The Printer's Devil (23) Pure Grit (23) His Own Law (24) How McDougall Topped the Score (24) Battling Bunyan (24) My Home Town (25) The Midshipman (25) Top Sergeant Mulligan (28) Border Romance (29) The Voice of Hollywood No. 9 (30) Hot Curves (30) The Thoroughbred (30) Hell Bent for Frisco (31) Enlighten Thy Daughter (34) The Life of Vergie Winters (34) Men of the Hour (35) Let 'em Have It (35) The Plough and the Stars (36) Rich Relations (37) Wild Money (37) Wife, Doctor and Nurse (37) Having Wonderful Time (38) The Mexicali Kid (38) Mr. Doodle Kick Off (38) Spring Madness (38) Annabel Takes a Tour (38) Stunt Pilot (39)

Sideshow (50) Navy Bound (51) The Steel Fist (52) Serie "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (51-52) Sea Tiger (52) Yukon Gold (52) Behind Southern Lines (52) The Ghost of Crossbones Canyon (52) Trail Blazers (53) Border City Rustlers (53) Secret of Outlaw Flats (53) Six Gun Decision (53) Rading Blood (54) Outlaw's Daughter (54) Trouble int he Trail (54) The Two Gun Teacher (54) Phantom Trails (55) The Titled Tenderfoot (55) Timber Country Trouble (55) The Creation of the Humanoids (62)

The Steel Fist (52) Serie "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" (51-52) Trail Blazers (53) Secret of Outlaw Flats (53) Racing Blood (54) Outlaw's Daughter (54) Phantom Trails (55) The Creation of the Humanoids (62) The Jolly Genie (63)

Production Manager:
Belle Starr's Daughter (48) Alaska Patrol (49) Call of the Klondike (50) Born to the Saddle (53)

Racing Blood (54) The Jolly Genie (63)