Nigel Barrie

Foto: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1889 - 1971

The actor Nigel Barrie was born as Roynon Cholmondeley Nigel-Jones.He became established as a dancer and stage actor in the 10's, both in England and the USA. 

He made his film debut in 1916 with "Beatrice Fairfax" (16). After some appearances in the serial around the figure Babs - among others "Bab's Diary" (17) and "Bab's Burglar" (17) it folowed numerous support roles in which he often impersonated villains.

To his well-known movies of the next years belong "The Marinettes" (18), "Tangled Threads" (19), "Widow by Proxy" (19), "The Cinema Murder" (19), "The Turning Point" (20), "Little Fool" (21) "The Little Minister" (21), "Lights of London" (23) and "The Desert Sheik" (24).

From 1924 Nigel Barrie also took part in some German silent movies like "Komödie des Herzens" (24), "Der Turm des Schweigens" (25) and "Blitzzug der Liebe" (25).

To his last silent movies belong "The Love Thief" (26), "The Amateur Gentleman" (26),"The Climbers" (27), "The Ringer" (28) and "Cocktails" (28).

With the rise of the talkies he returned to England again and impersonated there his last roles for the big screen. To these productions belong "Dreyfus" (31), "Passenger to London" (37) and "Anything to Declare?" (38).

Other movies with Nigel Barrie: 
Patria (17) Bab's Matinee Idol (17) Diane of the Green Van (19) When My Ship Comes In (19) Josselyn's Wife (19) The Better Wife (19) Their Mutual Child (20) The Honey Bee (20) Notorious Miss Lisle (20) The Girl in the Web (20) A Slave of Vanity (20) The Fast Freight (21) Charge It (21) A Prince There Was (21) Heroes and Husbands (22) East Is West (22) White Shoulders (22) Peg o' My Heart (22) The Strangers' Banquet (22) Fires of Fate (23) The Bolted Door (23) Claude Duval (24) Mutiny (25) Hogan's Alley (25) Steel Preferred (25) The Traffic Cop (26) Sunshine of Paradise Alley (26) Home Struck (27) Husband Hunters (27) The Lone Eagle (27) The Shield of Honor (27) The Forger (28) Under the Greenwood Tree (29) Old Soldier Never Die (32)