George Barnes

George Barnes

1892 - 1953

The cinematographer George Barnes began his film career as an assistant of Thomas Ince, afterwards he worked as a cinematographer for him and other producers till to the middle of the 20s. 
To his first movies belong "Vive La France!" (18), "The Law of Men" (19). "What Every Woman Learns" (19), "The False Road" (20), "Dusk to Dawn" (22), "Alice Adams" (23), "Yolanda" (24) and "Janice Meredith" (24).

He signed a contract for Samuel Goldwyn in 1925 and was busy there till 1934.
In those years he took part in many well-known productions which George Barnes banned to the big screen with impressive pictures.
To these productions belong "The Dark Angel" (25), "The Eagle" (25) with the legendary Rudolph Valentino, "The Son of the Sheik" (26) - Rudolph Valentino's last movie, "The Night of Love" (27), "Sadie Thompson" (28), "The Awakening" (28) and "Bulldog Drummond" (29).

In the 30s followed numerous other movies in which George Barnes was responsible for the camera, among them "A Lady's Morals" (30), "The Unholy Garden" (31), "Sherlock Holmes" (32) and "Goodbye Again" (33).

George Barnes became an assistant during his work for Goldwyn called Gregg Toland. Toland was very talented and soon became a second cinematographer ans finally the preferred one by Goldwyn.

This brought George Barnes to change to other companies and after brief layovers at 20th Century Fox and MGM he joined Warner Bros. where he remained till 1938.

During this period he shot the movies "Gold Diggers of 1935" (35), "Stars Over Broadway" (35), "Cain and Mabel" (36), "Black Legion" (37), "The Prince and the Pauper" (37), "Ever Since Eve" (37) and "Gold Diggers in Paris" (38).

Afterwards followed engagements for different directors, among them also the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.
His most popular works at the end of the 30s and during the 40s are "Jesse james" (39), "Stanley and Livingstone" (39), Hitchcock's "Rebecca" (40), "The Return of Frank James" (40), "That Uncertain Feeling" (41), "Meet John Doe" (41), "Jane Eyre" (43), Hitchcock's "Spellbound" (45), "Sinbad the Sailor" (47), "The Emperor Waltz" (48) and Cecil B. DeMille's "Samson and Delilah" (49).

George Barnes remained active behind the camera till to his death, his last works came in 1953 into being before he died at the age of 60. 
To his last movies belong "Riding High" (50), "The Greatest Show on Earth" (52), "Road to Bali" (52) and "The War of the Worlds" (53).

George Barnes was nominated eight times for the Oscar during his long lasting career and won it once for "Rebecca" (40).
To his other nominations belong "The Magic Flame" (27), "The Devil Dancer" (27), "Sadie Thompson" (28), "Our Dancing Daughters" (28), "The Spanish Man" (45), "Spellbound" (45) and "Samson and Delilah" (49).

George Barnes was married seven times, among them with the famous actress Joan Blondell.

Other movies from George Barnes:
Partners Three (19) The Haunted Bedroom (19) The Virtuous Thief (19) Stepping Out (19) Dangerous Hours (19) The Woman in the Suitcase (20) Hairpins (20) Her Husband's Friend (20) Silk Hosiery (20) The Heart Line (21) The Bronze Bell (21) The Beautiful Gambler (21) Opened Shutters (21) Woman, Wake Up (22) Real Adventure (22) Conquering the Woman (22) Peg o' My Heart (22) The Love Piker (23) Desire (23) Zander the Great (25) The Teaser (25) Mademoiselle Modiste (26) The Winning of Barbara Worth (26) Venus of Venice (27) Two Lovers (28) The Rescue (29) This Is Heaven (29) Condemned (29) The Trespasser (29) Raffles (30) What a Widow! (30) The Devil to Pay! (30) One Heavenly Night (31) Five and Ten (31) Street Scene (31) The Greeks Had a Word for Them (32) Polly of the Circus (32) The Wet Parade (32) Society Girl (32) Blondie of the follies (32) Broadway Bad (33) Footlight Parade (33) Havana Widows (33) Massacre (34) Gambling Lady (34) He Was Her Man (34) Smarty (34) Dames (34) Kansas City Princess (34) Flirtation Walk (34) Traveling Saleslady (35) In Caliente (35) Broadway Gondolier (35) I Live for Love (35) The Singing Kid (36) Lovve Begins at Twenty (36) Marked Woman (37) Varsity Show (37) The Barrier (37) Hollywood Hotel (37) Love, Honor and Behave (38) The Beloved Brat (38) Devil's Island (39) Here I Am a Stranger (39) Our Neighbors The Carters (39) Free, Blonde and 21 (40) Maryland (40) Girl from Avenue A (40) Hudson's Bay (41) Ladies in Retirement (41) Unholy Partners (41) Remember the Day (41) Sex Hygiene (42) Rings on Her Fingers (42) Broadway (42) Once Upon a Honeymoon (42) Nightmare (42) Mr. Lucky (43) Mardi Gras (43) Since You Went Away (44) Frenchman's Creek (44) None But the Lonely Heart (44) The Bells of St. Mary's (45) From This Day Forward (46) Sister Kenny (46) Mourning Becomes Electra (47) Good Sam (48) No Minor Vices (48) The Boy with Green Hair (48) Force of Evil (48) The File on Thelma Jordon (50) Let's Dance (50) Mr. Music (50) Here Comes the Groom (51) Something to Live For (52) Somebody Loves Me (52) Just for You (52) Little Boy Lost (53)