Margaret Bannerman

Picture Margaret Bannerman

1896 - 1976

The actress Margaret Bannerman was born as Marguerite Grande in Toronto. When World War I broke out her family moved to England where she started her professionell stage career with Charlot's Revue in 1915. In the next years she was expecially successful with light comedies. 

She already made her film debut in 1917 and she took part in productions like "Mary Girl" (17), "Justice" (17), "Flames" (17) and "Her Secret" (19). 

In the 20's she only appeared in two more movies - "Lady Audley's Secret" (20) and "The Grass Orphan" (22), beside it she impersonated many interesting roles on stage and became a rival of Edith Evans and Sybil Thorndike. 

One of her greatest successes on stage she had with her role as Lady George Graystone in the play "Our Betters" which was performed 548 times. 

But in 1925 she experienced a harsh blow when she had to retire from acting in 1925 because of a nervous breakdown. When she recovered she was able to continue her career, went on tour for one year in Australia in 1928 and continued to perform on stage in London till she moved to the USA in the middle of the 30's. 
To her British movies of the 30's belong among others "Lily Christine" (32), "Over the Garden Wall" (34), "The Great Defender" (34) and "Royal Cavalcade" (35). 

In the USA she only appeared in front of the camera after World War II, to these movies belong "Cluny Brown" (46) and "The Homestretch" (47) as well as her las movie "Evening Primrose" (66). 

After her acting career she retired to an actor home and dedicated to her passion for furniture and antique. 

Margaret Bannerman was married with the actor Pat Somerset. 

Other movies with Margaret Bannerman:
The Gay Lord Quex (17) Hindle Wakes (18) Goodbye (18) Two White Arms (32) I Give My Heart (35)