Monty Banks

1897 - 1950

The actor Monty Banks was born as Mario Bianchi in Cesena, Italy.
He entered the film business as an actor from 1916 and he appeared in movies like "Cold Hearts and Hot Flames" (16), "The Purple Mask" (16), "His Hidden Talent" (17), "The Geaser of Berlin" (18), "The Sheriff" (18) and "Love" (19), to his film partners belonged the legendary comedians Larry Semon and Roscoe Arbuckle.
He experienced the pinnacle of his popularity in the 20's and even got an own film serial. 
To his numerous movies of those years belong "Rare Bird" (20), "Kidnapper's Revenge" (21), "Bride and Gloom" (21), "Pure But Simple" (22), "Quiet Vacation" (23), "Taxi Please" (23), "Keep Smiling" (25), "Play Safe" (27) and "Atlantic" (29).
He continued his career in the 30's but his roles became smaller because of his accent. He took part in "The Wife's Family" (31), "Not So Quiet on the Western Front" (32), "Kiss Me Sergeant" (32), "Leave It to Me" (33), "The Church Mouse" (34), "No Limit" (35) and "Queen of Hearts" (36).
His last appearances as movie actor in the 40's were "Blood and Sand" (41) as well as "A Bell for Adano" (45).
Already in 1924 he realised his first movie as a director with "Hot Sands" (24), it followed many other movies in the 30's.
In the next years he directed the productions "Cocktails" (28), "Eve's Fall" (30), "Almost a Honeymoon" (30), "Money for Nothing" (32), "Father and Son" (34), "Hello Sweetheart" (35), "Queen of Hearts" (36), "Shipyard Sally" (39) and "Great Guns" (41) with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Beside it he also produced some movies and wrote scripts. 
Monty Banks was married with the actress Gracie Fields. Private he got involved with disadvantaged children and founded several children hospitals in Italy.

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