William Bakewell

1908 - 1993

The actor William Bakewell attended the Page Military Academy. As an actor he began his career at the age of 15 with an extra role in "Fighting Blood" (23).
In the next years he already appeared regular in front of the camera, among them "The Last Edition" (25), "The Waning Sex" (26), "The Heart of a Thief" (27), "The Magic Flame" (27), "West Point" (28), "The Devil's Trademark" (28) and "The Iron Mask" (29).

In the 30's came numerous other movies into being in which he normally impersonated smaller roles. To the well-known movies of those years belong "All Quiet on the Western Front" (30), "Daybreak" (31), "The Spirit of Notre Dame" (31), "Green Eyes" (34), "Together We Live" (35), "Exiled to Shanghai" (37), "Hotel Imperial" (39) and "Gone with the Wind" (39).

The next decades offered him again many smaller part and his comprehensive works belong "Seven Sinners" (40), "Dr. Kildare's Victory" (42), "The Postman Didn't Ring" (42), "The Trespasser" (47), "The Farmer's Daughter" (47), "Oh! Susanna" (51), "So This Is Love" (53), "Johnny Rocco" (58) and "The Big Fisherman" (59).

During World War II he served for the US Army as Second Lieutenant.

What was already on the horizon in the 50's continued in the 60's and 70's and his main activity became television. To his last cinematical works belong an episode of the serial "Peter Gunn: The Deep End" (61), an episode of the serial "I Dream of Jeannie: The Greatest Invention in the World" (67), an episode of the serial "Bonanza: The Greedy Ones" (67), "Call Her Mom" (72) and "The Strongest Man in the World" (75).

Other movies with William Bakewell: 
A Regular Fellow (25) The Gilded Butterfly (26) Whispering Wires (26) Old Ironsides (26) Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl (26) Mother (27) The Shield of Honor (27) The Latest from Paris (28) Harold Teen (28) The Battle of the Sexes (28) Annapolis (28) Lady of the Pavements (29) Hot Stuff (29) On with the Show! (29) Gold Diggers of Broadway (29) The Show of Shows (29) Lummox (30) Playing Around (30) Only the Brave (30) The Bat Whispers (30) Paid (30) Reducing (31) The Great Meadow (31) Dance, Fools, Dance (31) A Woman of Experience (31) Politics (31) Guilts Hands (31) Cheaters at Play (32) While Paris Sleeps (32) Back Street (32) Lucky Devils (33) Three-Cornered Moon (33) The Secret of Madame Blanche (33) A Man of Sentiment (33) Straightaway (33) You Can't Buy Everything (34) The Quitter (34) Speed Wings (34) Straight Is the Way (34) The Party's Over (34) The Curtain Falls (34) Crimson Romance (34) Sons of Steel (34) Laddie (35) On Probation (35) Strangers All (35) Manhattan Butterfly (35) Happiness C.O.D. (35) Lady Luck (36) Sea Spoilers (36) Dangerous Holiday (37) Trapped by G-Men (37) Jungle Menace (37) Mile a Minute Love (37) Quality Street (37) The Higgins Family (38) The Duke of West Point (38) Zenobia (39) King of the Turf (39) Those High Grey Walls (39) Beyond Tomorrow (40) The Saint Takes Over (40) The Dawn Express (42) I Live on Danger (42) The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (42) King of the Mounties (42) Submarine Alert (43) Yanks Ahoy (43) Hop Harrigan (46) The Fabulous Dorseys (47) The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (47) Messenger of Peace (47) King of the Bandits (47) Arthur Takes Over (48) Romance on the High Seas (48) So This Is New York (48) Night Wind (48) Miraculous Journey (48) You Gotta Stay Happy (48) The Cature (50) Serie "Dick Tracy: Dick Tracy and the Brow" (50) Wells Fargo Gunmaster (51) Serie "The Bigelow Theatre: A Lady's Companion" (51) When the Redskins Rode (51) Come Fill the Cup (51) Radar Men from the Moon (52) Room for One More (52) Serie "The Cisco Kid: Lost City of the Incas" (52) Serie "Boston Blackie: Deep Six" (52) Serie "Boston Blackie: Inside Crime" (52) Serie "The Cisco Kid: Face of Death" (52) Serie "I'm the Law: The Model Agency Story" (53) Serie "Family Theatre: Trial of Tara" (53) Lucky Me (54) Serie "Meet Corliss Archer: The Algebra Problem" (54) Serie "Disneyland: Davy Crockett: Indian Fighter" (54) Serie "Disneyland: Davy Crockett Goes to Congress" (55) Serie "Front Row Center: Finley's Fan Club" (56) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Make Way for Tomorrow" (55) Serie "The Gray Ghost: The Missing Colonel" (57) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: A Kiss for Santa" (55) Serie "Official Detective: The Jailhouse Gang" (57) Serie "You Are There: The Return of Halley's Comet" (56) Serie "Mr. Adams and Eve: This Is Your Life" (57) Serie "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: The General" (57) Serie "Casey Jones: The Dutch Clock" (57) Serie "Highway Patrol: Chain Store" (57) serie "The Red Skelton Show: Bolivar's Beauty Salon" (58) Serie "M Squad: The Cover Up" (58) Serie "Harbor Command: Contraband Diamonds" (58) Hell's Five Hours (58) Serie "Tombstone Territory: Fight for a Fugitive" (58) Serie "Bachelor Fahter: A Sister for Kelly" (58) Serie "Tales of Wells Fargo: Faster Gun" (58) Serie "Highway Patrol: Killer on the Run" (59) Serie "Sky King: Mickey's Birthday" (59) Serie "Rescue 8: The Rock Prison" (59) Serie "Maverick: Maverick Springs" (59) Serie "Sea Hunt: Monte Cristo" (59) Serie "Wagon Train: The Sam Livingston Story" (60) Serie "Lassie: Champ" (60) Serie "Sea Hunt: Prima Donna" (60) Serie "Leave It to Beaver: Beaver and Kenneth" (60) Serie "The Roaring 20's: Black Saturday" (61) Serie "The Tab Hunter Show: The Movie Set" (61) Serie "Guestward Ho!: No Place Like Home" (61) Serie "Bringing Up Buddy: Behind Bars" (61) Serie "Hazel: Everybody's Thankful But Us Turkeys" (61) Serie "The Jack Benny Program: Jack Goes to Las Vegas" (61) Serie "87th Precinct: Square Cop" (62) Serie "Pete and Gladys: Will the Real Michele Tabour Please Stand Up?" (62) Serie "The Jack Benny Program: Jack Going Back Into Pictures" (62) Serie "Mister Ed: Oh, Those Hats!" (63) Serie "The Virginian: The Fatal Journey" (63) Serie "The Virginian: A Time Remembered" (63) Serie "Kraft Suspense Theatre: The Sweet Taste of Vengeance" (64) Serie "Hazel: Hazel Squares the Triangle" (64) Serie "Profiles in Courage: George Mason" (65) Serie "The Beverly Hillbillies: A Real Nice Neighbor" (65) Serie "Petticoat Junction: A Borderline Story" (65) Serie "Petticoat Junction: Bedloe's Successor" (65) Serie "Petticoat Junction: Young Love" (66) Serie "Bonanza: Trouble Town" (68) Serie "It Takes a Thief: The Naked Billionaire" (69) Serie "That Girl: No Man Is Manhattan Island" (70) Serie "Green Acres: Enterprising Eb" (70) Serie "Nanny and the Professor: The New Butch" (70) Serie "Nanny and the Professor: The Human Fly" (71) Serie "Nanny and the Professor: The Prodigy" (71) Serie "Love American Style: Love and the Lucky Couple" (72) Set This Town on Fire (73) Serie "Nanny and the Professor: Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf" (71) Serie "Alias Smith and Jones: Which Way to the O.K. Corral?" (72)