Olga Baclanova

1896 - 1974

The actress Olga Baclanova attended an education at the Cherniasky Institute and joined afterwards the Moscow Art Theatre in 1912.
At those time she also took part in her first movies, among them "Kogda zvuchat struny serdtsa" (14), "Zhenshchina vampir" (15), "Velikiy Magaraz" (15) and "Khleb" (18).
Afterwards she concentrated again to the Moscow Art Theatre where she appeared in numerous musicals. They also went on world tour, among other to New York in 1925.
After the end of the guest performance in New York she refused to return to Russia and defected to the USA.
There she was able to work at the theater and finally she was engaged for the silent movie "The Dove". 
Only one year later she became a darling of the public with successful productions like "Three Sinners" (28), "The Man Who Laughs" (28),  Mauritz Stiller's "Street of Sin" (28) with Emil Jannings, "Forgotten Faces" (28) and "The Docks of New York" (28) directed by Josef von Sternberg. It followed "A Dangerous Woman" (29) and "The Man I Love" (29).
With the sound film her fame diminished in the 30s and because of her accent she was only able to get some support roles.
To these movies belong "The Great Lover" (31), the controversial movie "Freaks" (32), "Billion Dollar Scandal" (33) and "The Double Crossky" (36).
Her last cinematical work came into being with "Claudia" (43). Beside it she remained busy on stage in England and the USA and for the radio.
Olga Baclanova was among others married with the actor Nicholas Soussanin.
Her mother Alexandra Baclanova was also an actress.

Other movies with Olga Baclanova:
Simfoniya lyubvi i smerti (14) Po trupam k schastyu (15) Lyubov pod maskoy (15) Zagrobnaya skitalitsa (15) Tot, kto poluchaet poshchechiny (16) Tsvety zapozdalye (17) The Czarina's Secret (28) Avalanche (28) The Wolf of Wall Street (29) Cheer Up and Smile (30) Are You There? (30) Downstairs (32) Telephone Blues (35) The Singing Silhouette (35)