Agnes Ayres

Agnes Ayres
Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1898 - 1940

The actress Agnes Ayres was born as Agnes Eyre Henkel or Hinkle.

She already began her film career in 1914 with "The Masked Wrestler" (14), it followed the movies "His New Job" (15), "Motherhood" (17), "Hedda Gabler" (17), "Their Godson" (18), "One Thousand Dollars" (18), "The Gamblers" (19) and "The Ghost of a Chance" (19).

She experienced the height of her film career in the 20's where she belonged to the most popular stars of Hollywood. 
After the movies "Forbidden Fruit" (21) and "Too Much Speed" (21) followed the worldwide success "The Sheik" (21) with Rudolph Valentino which catapulted both into unexpected height. 
In the next years followed other successful productions with "The Ordeal" (22), "Borderland" (22), "Racing Hearts" (23), "The Ten Commandments" (23), "Detained" (24), "Her Market Value" (25), "The Son of the Sheik" (26), "Into the Night" (28) and "The Donovan Affair" (29).

So big her fame was in the 20's so big was the fall with the arise of the sound film. She disappeared nearly completey from the big screen and she had to cope with the loss of her fortune because of the market crash in 1929. 

Only in the middle of the 30's she took part in movies again but her roles were very small and her name hardly mentioned in the credits. To these movies belong "Small Town Girl" (36), "Midnight Taxi" (37) and "Souls at Sea" (37).

After her film career she worked as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills.

She died in 1940 at the age of only 42 because of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Other movies with Agnes Ayres: 
Mrs. Balfame (17) The Debt (17) The Mirror (17) The Dazzling Miss Davison (17) Richard the Brazen (17) The Venturers (17) The Defeat of the City (17) The Furnished Room (17) The Bottom of the Well (17) The Renaissance at Charleroi (17) A Family Flivver (17) Paging Page Two (17) He Had to Camouflage (17) His Wife Got all the Credit (17) His Wife's Hero (17) A Little Ouija Work (18) Seeking an Oversoul (18) A Four Cornered Traingle (18) Their Anniversary Feast (18) Coals for the Fire (18) Sweets to the Sour (18) The Rubaiyat of a Scotch Highball (18) Surprising Husband (18) Tobin's Palm (18) A Ramble in Aphasia (18) The Purple Dress (18) The Enchanted Profile (18) Sisters of the Golden Circle (18) The Girl and the Graft (18) Mammon and the Archer (18) Springtime la carte (18) A Bird of Bagdad (18) Transients in Arcadia (18) The Girl Problem (19) Shocks of Doom (19) A Stitch in time (19) The Guardian of the Accolade (19) The Buried Treasure (19) In Honor's Web (19) Sacred Silence (19) A Modern Salome (20) The Inner Voice (20) Go and Get It (20) Held by the Enemy (20) The Furnace (20) The Love Special (21) Cappy Ricks (21) The Affairs of Anatol (21) The Lane That Had No Turning (22) Bought and Paid For (22) Clarence (22) A Daughter of Luxury (22) The Heart Raider (23) The Marriage Maker (23) Don't Call It Love (23) When a Firl Loves (24) Bluff (24) The Guilty One (24) The Story Without a Name (24) Worldly Goods (24) Tomorrow's Love (25) The Awful Truth (25) Morals for Men (25) Eve's Love Letters (27) The Lady of Victories (28) Broken Hearted (29) Bye, Bye, Buddy (29) Maid of Salem (37) Morning Judge (37)