John Arnold

John Arnold

1889 - 1964

The cinematographer John Arnold became a very demanded worker for the movie from the middle of the 10's. To his first silent movies belong "Springtime" (14), "Children of Eve" (15), "The Gates of Eden" (16), "Rosie O'Grady" (17), "The Barricade" (17), "Aladdin's Other Lamp" (17), "Riders of the Night" (18), "The Gold Cure" (19) and "The Microbe" (19).

He continued successfully his career as a cinematographer in the 20's and put many movie stars in perspective. 
To his well-known movies of the 20's belong "Blackmail" (20), "The Match-Breaker" (21), "The Five Dollar Baby" (22), "The Fog" (23), "The Social Code" (23), "The Heart Bandit" (24), "Along Came Ruth" (24) and finally "The Big Parade" (25), with which MGM landed their first smash hit. 

John Arnold was announced as the new head of the cinematograph department for MGM in the same year. 
He shot in the following years many other movies as a cinematographer, among them "Paris" (26), "The Show" (37), "Mr. Wu" (27), "The Garden of Eden" (28), "Show People" (28) and "The Hollywood Revue of 1929" (29).

Afterwards he turned towards other activities in this metier. First he tried to become a director, but this fell through. 
Finally he became president of the American Society of Cinematographers in 1931 and was in this position till 1936. 

Beside it John Arnold was responsible for assigning the different work to the cinematographers and he was also responsible that the equipment of MGM was on the latest standard - an enormous responsibility and very labor intensive by more than 60 realised productions each year. He carried this job till 1956.

Other movies from John Arnold:
The Quitter (16) The Upheaval (16) The Cossack Whip (16) Threads of Fate (17) The Mortal Sin (17) His Father's Son (17) God's Law and Man's (17) Lady Barnacle 817) The Girl Without a Soul (17) Blue Jeans (17) The Winding Trail (18) A Weaver of Dreams (18) Breakers Ahead (18) The Only Road (18) Opportunity (18) Flower of the Dusk (18) Satan Junior (19) The Parisian Tigress (19) False Evidence (19) Some Bride (19) Please Get Married (19) The Willow Tree (20) Dangerous to Men (20) The Chorus Girl's Romance (20) Cinderella's Twin (20) The Off-Shore Pirate (21) Puppets of Fate (21) Home Stuff (21) Life's Darn Funny (21) There Are No Villains (21) Fourteenth Lover (22) Glass Houses (22) Very Truly Yours (22) Seeing's Believing (22) They Like 'Em Rough (22) June Madness (22) Love in the Dark (22) Crinoline and Romance (23) Her Fatal Millions (23) Rouged Lips (23) In Search of a Thrill (23) A Noise in Newboro (23) Don't Doubt Your Husband (24) The Beauty Prize (24) Revelation (24) Sinners in Silk (24) So This Is Marriage? (24) The Wife of the Centaur (24) The Way of a Girl (25) Proud Flesh (25) Sun-Up (25) Bright Lights (25) Sally, Irene and Mary (25) Dance Madness (26) The Auction Block (26) Love's Blindness (26) The Fire Brigade (26) The Understanding Heart (27) Heaven on Earth (27) Becky (27) Rose-Marie (28) Detectives (28) The Cardboard Lover (28) The Wind (28) The Broadway Melody (29)