Edward Arnold

1890 - 1956


The actor Edward Arnold was born as Gunther Edward Arnold Schneider in New York City.

After his successful debut as a stage actor in 1907 with the play "Dream of a Summer Night" he entered the film business in 1916 and already took part in a whole string of movies in his first few years.
To these movies belong "The White Alley" (16), "Vultures of Society" (16), "The Last Adventure" (16), "The Higher Destiny" (16), "The Border Line" (16), "The Magic Mirror" (17), "The Vanishing Woman" (17) and "A Broadway Saint" (19).

So comprehensive his cinematical works were in the 10's so reduced was it in the 20's. He only appeared in the movies "The Cost" (20) and "He Who Gets Slapped" (24) and instead of that concentrated to the stage again.

With the arive of the talkies revived his film career and became a demanded support actor. With increasing age and weight he got more ambitious character roles at the same time in which he was able to demonstrate his acting abilities. 
To his most popular movies of those years belong "Rasputin and the Empress" (32), "I'm No Angel" (33), "Roman Scandals" (33), "Cardinal Richelieu" (35), "Meet Nero Wolfe" (36), "Come and Get It" (36), "The Crowd Roars" (38), "You Can't Take It With You" (38), "Man About Town" (39) and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (39).

His engagements for the film remained undiminished in the last decades of his life. In the 40's followed many other motion pictures, in the 50's television took over a more important role. 
Edward Arnold appeared among others in the productions "Lillian Russell" (40), "Meet John Doe" (41), "All That Money Can Buy" (41), "Inflation" (42), "Janie" (44), "Kismet" (44), "Three Wise Fools" (46), "Big City" (48), "The Yellow Cab Man" (50), "Annie Get Your Gun" (50), "City That Never Sleeps" (53), "The Houston Story" (56) and "Miami Espose" (56).

Besides his activity as an actor he was also a political person but his attempt to be elected as a Alderman in Los Angeles failed. 

His son Edward Arnold jr. Became also an actor.

Other movies with Edward Arnold:
The Misleading Lady (16) The Strange Case of Mary Page (16) The Primitive Strain (16) The Despoiler (16) I Will Repay (16) The Danger Line (16) A Return to Youth and Trouble (16) A Traitor to Art (16) The Greater Obligation (16) The Return of Eve (16) Marooned (16) The Heart of Virginia Keep (16) His Moral Code (16) The Burning Band (16) Dancing with Folly (16) Wife in Sunshine (16) The Lighted Lamp (17) When the Man Speaks (17) The Wide, Wrong Way (17) The Sinful Marriage (17) Shifting Shadows (17) Desertion and Non-Support (17) Ashes on the Hearthstone (17) The Extravagant Bride (17) The Pulse of Madness (17) The Pallid Dawn (17) The Wifeless Husband (17) Meddling with Marriage (17) Pass the Hast, Ann (17) By My Best Man (17) The Slacker's Heart (17) Phil-for-Short (19) Murder in the Pullman (32) Free to Talk (32) Okay, America! (32) Three on a Match (32) Afraid to Talk (32) Whistling in the Dark (33) The White Sister (33) The Barbarian (33) The Life of Jimmy Dolan (33) Jennie Gerhardt (33) Secret of the Blue Room (33) Her Bodyguard (33) Duck Soup (33) Madame Spy (34) Unknown Blonde (34) Sadie McKee (34) Thirty Day Princess (34) Hide-Out (34) Million Dollar Ransom (34) Wednesday's Child (34) The President Vanishes (34) Biography of a Bachelor Girl (35) The Glass Key (35) Diamond Jim (35) Remember Last Night? (35) Crime and Punishment (35) Sutter's Gold (36) John Meade's Woman (37) Easy Living (37) The Toast of New York (37) Blossoms on Broadway (37) Idiot's Delight (39) Let Freedom Ring (39) The Earl of Chicago (40) Slightly Honorable (40) Johnny Apollo (40) The Penalty (41) The Lady from Cheyenne (41) Nothing But the Truth (41) Unholy Partners (41) Design for Scandal (41) Johnny Eager (42) The War Against Mrs. Hadley (42) Eyes in the Night (42) The Youngest Profession (43) Standing Room Only (44) Mrs. Parkington (44) Main Street After Dark (45) The Hidden Eye (45) Week-End at the Waldorf (45) Ziegfeld Follies (46) Janie Gets Married (46) No Leave, No Love (46) The Mighty McGurk (47) My Brother Talks to Horses (47) Dear Ruth (47) The Hucksters (47) Three Daring Daughters (48) Wallflower (48) Command Decision (48) John Loves Mary (49) Take Me Out to the Ball Game (49) Big Jack (49) Dear Wife (49) The Skipper Surprised His Wife (50) Serie "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: Our Town" (50) Dear Brat (51) Belles on Their Toes (52) Serie "Hollywood Opening Night: Thirty Days" (52) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Something to Celebrate" (52) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: Junior" (52) Seire "The Ford Television Theatre: Ever Since the Day" (53) Serie "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Lost and Found" (53) Man of Conflict (53) Serie "General Electric Theater: Walking John Stopped Here" (54) Living It Up (54) Serie "Studio One: Twelve Angry Men" (54) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: The Tryst" (54) Serie "Hallmark Hall of Fame: Story of Paul Harris and the Founding of Rotary International" (55) Serie "Climax!: South of the Sun" (55) Serie "The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater: And Now from the Audience" (55) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: Twelve to Eternity" (55) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: The Last Showdown" (56) Serie "Celebrity Playhouse: Faith" (56), The Ambassador's Daughter (56) Serie "Ethel Barrymore Theater: The Victim" (56) Serie "Strange Stories" (56)