May Allison

Picture May Allison$
Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1890 - 1989

The actress May Allison was a popular movie star of the early American cinema.

She already appeared regularly in movies from 1915, so in "David Harum" (15), "The End of the Road" (15), "The Tragic Circle" (15) and "A Fool There Was" (15).

In the next years she became a darling of the public with the movies "Life's Blind Alley" (16), "The River of Romance" (16), "Pidgin Island" (16), "The Masked Rider" (16), "The Promise" (17), "The Return of Mary" (18), "Her Inspiration" (18), "The Island of Intrigue" (19) and "Almost Married" (19).

Her stardom vanished slowly in the 20's. For the time being she continued appearin successfully in the movies "The Cheater" (20), "Held In Trust" (20), "Extravagance" (21), "Big Game" (21) and "The Woman Who Fooled Herself" (22), after that her roles for movies became more rarely - "Youth for Sale" (24), "Wreckage" (25), "The Greater Glory" (26), "Mismates" (26) and "Her Indiscretion" (27). 
She concluded her career still during the silent movie era and joined her private life. 

Other movies with May Allison:
The Governor's Lady (15) The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs (15) The House of a Thousand Scandals (15) The Buzzard's Shadow (15) Pardoned (15) The Great Question (15) The Other Side of the Door (16) The Come-Back (16) Mister 44 (16) The Man in the Sombrero (16) The Secret Wire (16) Lillo of the Sulu Seas (16) The Gamble (16) The Broken Cross (16) Big Tremaine (16) The Hidden Children (17) Social Hypocrites (18) The Winning of Beatrice (18) A Successful Adventure (18) The Testing of Mildred Vane (18) In for Thirty Days (19) Peggy Does Her Darndest (19) Castles in the Air (19) The Uplifters (19) Fair and Warmer (19) Are All Men Alike? (20) The Walk-Offs (20) The Marriage of William Ash (21) The Last Card (21) The Broad Road (23) Flapper Wives (24) I Want My Man (25) Men of Steel (26) The City (26) One Increasing Purpose (27) The Telephone Girl (27)