Claude Allister

Foto: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1888 - 1970

The actor Claude Allister was born as Willilam Claud Michel Palmer in London.

After his professional start as a stockbroker's clerk he decided to become an actor in 1910. He began his artistic career in London in the same year and continued his career on Broadway in 1924. Because of his appearance with a huge nose he often was casted for comical characters of the upper class. 

He was also able to gain a foothold in the film business in the USA from 1929. The silent movie was in its final throes and the sound filme heralded a new era. 
Claude Allister appeared in his first year in the productions "The Trial of Mary Dugan" (29), "Charming Sinners" (29) and "Bulldog Drummond" (29). In the last one he impersonated the role of Algy Langworth, a character he also played in later Bulldog Drummond movies.

In the 30s followed many other cinematical works, often he played ennobled personalities like barons, lords, princes and officiers, but he also played other impressive roles as well. 
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Such Men Are Dangerous" (30), "Monte Carlo" (30), "The Sea Ghost" (31), "The Medicine Man" (33), "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (33), "The Return of Bulldog Drummond" (34), "The Private Life of Don Juan" (34), "The Dark Angel" (35), "Dracula's Daughter" (36), "Storm Over Bengal" (38) and "Captain Fury" (39).

In the 40s followed other cinematical works where he often played minor roles till he finished his career in 1955 after some TV productions. 
To his last movies belong "Lillian Russell" (40), "Pride and Prejudice" (40), "Charley's Aunt" (41), "Forever and a Day" (43), "I Was a Criminal" (45), "Quartet" (48), "Hong Kong" (52), "Kiss Me Kate" (53) and an episode of the serial "It's a Great Life: The Movie Star" (55).

Beside his activity as an actor he also spoke roles in few animation movies.

Other movies with Claude Allister:
Three Live Ghosts (29) In the Next Room (30) Slightly Scarlet (30) Murder Will Out (30) Ladies Love Brutes (30) Czar of Broadway (30) The Florodora Girl (30) Reaching for the Moon (30) Captain Applejack (31) Rough House Rhythm (31) Meet the Wife (31) I Like Your Nerve (31) Platinum Blonde (31) On the Loose (31) The Return of Raffles (32) The Unexpected Father (32) Two White Arms (32) Diamond Cut Diamaond (32) The Midshipmaid (32) That's My Wife (33) Private Wives (33) Excess Baggage (33) Sleeping Car (33) Those Were the Days (34) The Lady Is Willing (34) Every Night at Eight (35) Three Live Ghosts (36) Yellowstone (36) Lady Luck (36) Radio Parade of 1937 (37) Bulldog Drummond at Bay (37) Danger: Love at Work (37) The Awful Truth (37) Oh, What a Knight! (37) Kentucky Moonshine (38) Men Are Such Fools (38) Blond Cheat (38) Let's Make a Night of It (38) Phantom Submarine U67 (39) Arrest Bulldog Drummond (39) A Yank in the R.A.F. (41) Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (41) Don't Get Personal (42) The Hundred Pound Window (44) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45) Don Chicago (45) Dumb Dora Discovers Tobacco (45) Gaiety George (46) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Goodnight, Please" (50) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Purple and Fine Linen" (51) Serie "Biff Baker, U.S.A.: London Incident" (52) Down Among the Sheltering Palms (53) Serie "My Little Margie: Vern's Two Daughters" (53) The Black Shield of Falworth (54) Serie "Screen Directors Playhouse: Meet the Governor" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: The Amazing Mrs. Halliday" (55) Serie "The People's Choice: Sock, the Businessman" (56)