Brian Aherne

1902 - 1986

The actor Brian Aherne was born as William Brian de Lacy Aherne in Worcestershire. He began his film career in England with silent movies like "The Eleventh Commandment" (24), "King of the Castle" (25), "Safety First" (26) and "Underground" (28).

From 1933 Brian Aherne appeared mostly in Hollywood productions like "I Was a Spy" (33), "The Fountain" (34), "The Constant Nymph" (34), "Sylvia Scarlett" (36) and "The Great Garrick" (37). 

With the Oscar nomination for the best support role for the movie "Juarez" (39) he achieved the peak of his career.
In the 40's followed other successful movies like "The Lady in Question" (40), "Skylark" (41), "My Sister Eileen" (42), "Forever and a Day" (43), "The Locket" (46) and "Smart Woman" (48).

In the 50's he got engagements in well-known movies like "I Confess" (53), "Titanic" (53), "Prince Valiant" (54) and "The Swan" (56). After that he played only in few more movies for the screen, so in "Susan Slade" (61), "Lancelot and Guinevere" (63) and "Rosie!" (68).

Brian Aherne was married with the actress Joan Fontaine.

Other movies with Brian Aherne: 
The Squire of Long Hadley (25) A Woman Redeemed (27) Shooting Stars (27) The W Plan (31) Madame Guillotine (31) The Song of Songs (33)  What Every Woman Knows (34) I Live My Life (35) Beloved Enemy (36) Merrily We Live (38) Captain Fury (39) Vigil in the Night (40) My Son, My Son (40) Hired Wife (40) The Man Who Lost Himself (41) Smilin' Through (41) A Night to Remember (43) What a Woman! (43) First Comes Courage (43) Angel on the Amazon (48) Serie "The Ford Theatre Hour: Dear Brutus" (50) Serie "The Billy Rose Show: The Old Flame" (51) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: Element of Risk" (53) Serie "Robert Montgomery Presents: Breakdown" (53) A Bullet Is Waiting (54) The Best of Everything (59) Serie "The Twilight Zone: The Trouble with Templeton" (60) Serie "Wagon Train: The Bruce Saybrook Story" (61)The Waltz King (63) Sette contro la morte (64)