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Max Zilzer

1863 - 1943

The actor Max Zilzer began his artistic career at the theater in Budapest in 1887, later followed other engagements, among others in Germany and Austria. Finally he went to Cincinnati for four years where he appeared regularly at the Grand Opera House.

When he returned to Germany he continued his stage career in Berlin where he also came in touch with the film business.

His first movie was "Die Wittenberger Nachtigal" (13) and in the next years he impersonated support roles in movies like "Frau Annas Pilgerfahrt" (15), "Carl und Carla" (15), "Die Töchter des Herrn von Dornberg" (18), "Das Ende vom Liede" (19) and "Das Geheimnis des Amerika-Docks" (19).

In the 20s followed other cinematical engagements for the productions "Die Augen der Welt" (20), "Der Stier von Olivera" (21), "Sie und die Drei" (22), "Soll und Haben" (24), "Der Hahn im Korb" (25), "Luther" (28), "Panik" (28) and Fritz Lang's "Frau im Mond" (29).

During the sound film era of the 30s he only took part rarely in movies and he concentrated again to the theater.
His last movies were "Ein Burschenlied aus Heidelberg" (30) und "Razzia in St. Pauli" (32).

Max Zilzer was interrogated by the Gespapo when they found out that Wolfgang Zilzer took part in the US movie "Confessions of a Nazi Spy" (39). His death in 1943 had been implicated to the violent interrogations he underwent.

His son Sohn Wolfgang Zilzer became also a well-known actor who appeared often in German and later American movies.

Other movies with Max Zilzer:
Die Erben des Geizhalses (15) Er rechts, sie links (15) Kindertränen (16) Der Blusenkönig (17) Die Ehrenreichs (19) Der Diplomatensäugling (19) Die Frau im Delphin oder 30 Tage auf dem Meeresgrund (20) Divankatzen (22) Freund Ripp (23) Frühlingsfluten (24)