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Carl Zickner

1863 - 1939

The actor Carl Zickner joined acting lessons in Berlin and he made his stage debut in 1889 in Stralsund afterwards. In the next years followed numerous theaters in different cities where he became established as a stage actor and finally he was able to play at the Irving-Place-Theater in New York City.

When he was already a demanded stage actor he appeared in movies from 1914 for the first time. To his early movies belong "Deutsche Helden" (14), "Tirol in Waffen" (14) and "Musketier Kaczmarek" (15).
Afterwards followed other silent movies like  "Der unsichtbare Mensch" (16), "Die Gespensterstunde" (17) and "Das Maskenfest des Lebens" (18).

He continued his film career successfully in the 20s and he took part in productions like "Moj" (20), "Die Brüder Karamasoff" (21), "Horrido" (24), "Die eiserne Braut" (25), "Lützows wilde verwegene Jagd" (27), "Mata Hari, die rote Tänzerin" (27) and "Der alte Fritz" (28).

With the rise of the sound film he dedicated to the theater again exclusively. Only from 1936 he acted again in front of the camera.
He impersonated small support roles in "Der Weg nach Shanghai" (36), "Rätsel um Beata" (38), "Heimat" (38) and "Der Spieler" (38).

Other movies with Carl Zickner:
Ihr bester Schuss (16) Der Hirt von Maria Schnee (20) Staatsanwalt Briands Abenteuer (20) Die Jungfrau von Kynast (21) Felicitas Grolandin (23) Die zweite Mutter (25)