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Mabel May-Yong

Mabel May-Yong
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1884 - 1968

The actress Mabel May-Yong was born Alice Mabel Auguste Scharrer in Magdeburg. Her father was the German merchant Max Richard Albrecht Scherrer, her mother was the Chinese Ho A Mei.

She began her career as a belly dancer in skimpy costumes reminiscent of the performances of the legendary Mata-Hari.
To give her name a fitting exotic expression to her activity, she called herself Mabel May Yong. Sometimes she was also listed as Mabel de Jong.
She first appeared at the theater, including at the Apollo Variety Theater in the play "Hanni Goes Dancing" (16).
Because of her popularity the film also became aware of the petite dancer and she made her film debut in the movie "Der Diplomatensäugling" (19).
Already in 1920 she made her breakthrough in the German film business and she impersonated numerous roles in movies with promising titles.
Among them were "Indian Revenge" (20) with Georg Alexander, Ernst Dernburg, Harry Liedtke and Edith Meller, "Kriminalpolizei, Abteilung Mord" (20) with Robert Leffler, "Demon of the World, 3rd Part: The Golden Poison" (20) with Georg John and Charles Willy Kayser, "Das schwarze Boot" (20) with Ludwig Trautmann and Erich Bartels and "Der langsame Tod" (20) with Ressel Orla, Lucie Höflich, Eduard von Winterstein and Albert Paulig.
In the next few years she continued to act very successfully in front of the camera and she often impersonated rather exotic roles and female characters.
Her films of these years include "Das Haus der Qualen" (21) with Ressel Orla, Fritz Kortner and Rudolf Klein-Rhoden, "Die goldene Mauer" (21) with Ludwig Trautmann, "Der Flug in den Tod" (21) with Ernst Dernburg and Josefine Dora, "Was der Totenkopf erzählt" (21) with Fritz Kampers, Bruno Eichgrün and Maria Zelenka, "Das Abenteuer des Dr. Kircheisen" (21) with Hans Marr, Lotte Neumann and Hermann Thimig, "Millionenschieber" (22) with Sacha Gura, Harry Hardt and Hans-Adalbert Schlettow and "Schuld und Sühne" (22) with Rudolf Biebrach, Theodor Loos and Leopold von Ledebur.
After that her film career quickly came to an end and she only appeared in a few more movies like "Das Kabinett des Dr. Segato" (23) with Friedrich Berger, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Bruno Eichgrün and Theodor Loos and "Entsiegelte Lippen" (25) with Wilhelm Diegelmann, Bruno Eichgrün, Fritz Kampers and Maria Zelenka.

She was married three times and died in Bremen at the age of 83.

Other movies with Mabel May-Yong:
Tamburin und Castagnetten (20) Manus immaculata – Die unbefleckte Hand (20) Der indische Todesring oder Sieben Worte (20) Eine gefährliche Fahrt (20) Fasching (21) Erzgauner (21) Frauen, die die Ehe brechen (22) Die Flibustier (22) Der Fund in der Eilenriede oder Liebesrausch und Opfermut (22)