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Mihail Xantho

1891 - 1940

The actor Mihail Xantho joined the academy of music and art in Vienna before he started his acting career at the theater.
His engagements led him to the Stadttheater Zurich (1916 to 1921), the Kammerspiele in Vienna (1922 to 1924) and the Viennese Renaissancebühne till 1926.

He already played his first film role in 1917 for "Frühlingsmanöver" (17), some years later followed his last silent movie "Der junge Medardus" (23) directed by Michael Kertesz.

In the sound film era of the 30s he impersonated several support roles in productions like "Unsichtbare Gegner" (33), "Kleine Mutti" (35), "Es flüstert die Liebe" (35), "Schatten der Vergangenheit" (36), "Peter im Schnee" (37), "13 Stühle" (38) and "Hotel Sacher" (39).

One year later Mihail Xantho died at the age of only 40 after he had to undergo an operation.

Other movies:
Hohe Schule (34) Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten (35) Der Kosak und die Nachtigall (35) ...nur ein Komödiant (35) Die Liebe des Maharadscha (36) Prater (36) Romanze (36) Liebling der Matrosen (37) Adresse unbekannt (38) Castelli in aria (39)