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Hans Wengraf

Foto: Franz Löwy (1883-1949)

1897 - 1974

The actor Hans Wengraf studied at the academy for music and arts in Vienna before he made his stage debut at the Komödienhaus in Vienna.
It followed engagements in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

In Hamburg he also realised some plays as a director before he changed to the Burgtheater in 1931 for two years.

He already impersonated first roles in front of the camera during the silent movie era for "Homo sum" (22), "Frau Tod" (22) and "Die Menschen nennen es Liebe" (22).
Afterwards he took part in the movie "Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten" (35), his only German sound movie.

When Austria joined the German Reich he fled via Prague to London where he called himself John Wengraf from now on.
He was able to work at the theater again and he also acted in movies like "The White Chateau" (38), "Convoy" (40) and "Night Train to Munich" (40).

Finally Hans Wengraf left Europe and he went to the USA in 1941. In the next years he was playing numerous support roles in movies and TV productions. There he used the name John Wengraf.
To his works of the 40s belong "Mission to Moscow" (43), "Sahara" (43), "Song of Russia" (44), "The Seventh Cross" (44), "Till We Meet Again" (44), "The Thin Man Goes Home" (44), "Hotel Berlin" (45), "The Razor's Edge" (46) and "The Lovable Cheat" (49).

His career was dominated by TV appearances besides few movies in the 50s and 60s.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "5 Fingers" (52), "Tropic Zone" (53), "Call Me Madam" (53), an episode of the serial "Dragnet: The Big Waiter" (53), "Flight to Tangier" (53), an episode of the serial "Adventures of the Falcon: Decision in Red" (54),  an episode of the serial "The Lone Wolf: The Werewolf Story" (54), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Hiram Holliday: False Monarch" (56), "The Disembodied" (57), an episode of the serial "Target: Turn of the Tide" (58), "The Return of Dracula" (58), an episode of the serial "Bonanza: Desert Justice" (60), "Portrait in Black" (60), an episode of the serial "77 Sunset Strip: The Hamlet Caper" (61), an episode of the serial "The Untouchalbes: The Otto Frick Story" (60), "Judgment at Nuremberg" (61), "The Prize" (63), "Ship of Fools" (65) and an episode of the serial "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Monks of St. Thommas Affair" (66).

Other movies with Hans Wengraf:
The Moon in the Yellow River (38) Dangeorus Comment (40) Sailors Three (40) All Hands (40) Lucky Jordan (42) The Boy from Stalingrad (43) Paris After Dark (43) U-Boat Prisoner (44) Strange Affair (44) Week-End at the Waldorf (45) Tomorrow Is Forever (46) T-Men (47) Sofia (48) Sealed Verdict (48) Wake of the Red Witch (48) Serie "The Magnavox Theater: The Tale of the Wolf" (50) Belle Le Grand (51) Serie "Dangerous Assignment: The Lagoon Story" (52) Serie "Biff Baker, U.S.A.: Gottingen "(52) Serie "Biff Baker, U.S.A.: London Incident" (52) The Desert Rats (53) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: The Jewel" (53) The French Line (53) Serie "Cavalcade of America: The Gingerbread Man" (53) Serie "Cavalcade of America: A Time to Grow" (53) Serie "Cavalcade of America: Smyrna Incident" (54) Hell and High Water (54) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: The Cruel Time" (53) Paris Playboys (54) Gog (54) The Gambler from Natchez (54) Serie "Public Defender: Another World" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Sunset Boulevard" (55) Serie "TV Reader's Digest: Old Master Detective" (55) The Racers (55) Serie "The Millionaire: The Charles Lamar Story" (55) Serie "Four Star Playhouse: Madeira, Madeira" (55) Serie "The Star and the Story: The Treasure" (55) Serie "Front Row Center: Meeting at Mayerling" (55) Serie "TV Reader's Digest: A Bell for Okinawa" (56) Serie "You Are There: The Final Performance of Sarah Bernhardt" (55) Serie "You Are There: The Secret Message That Polunged America Into World War I" (55) Serie "Passport to Danger: Rio de Janeiro" (55) Never Say Goodbye (56) Serie "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show: Back from Paris" (56) Serie "Crusader: The Camp" (56) Serie "Matinee Theatre: The Pink Hippopotamus" (56) Serie "You Are There: Hitler Invades Poland" (56) Serie "Ethel Barrymore Theater: The Duke" (56) Serie "The Adventures of Hiram Holliday: Hawaiian Hamzah" (56) Serie "Make Room for Daddy: My Fair Vocal Coach" (56) Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (57) The Pride and the Passion (57) Valerie (57) Serie "General Electric Theater: The Questioning Note" (57) Serie "The Walter Winchell File: The Cupcake" (57) Serie "Passport to Danger: Ankara" (58) Serie "Telephone Time: War Against War" (58) Serie "Whirlybirds: If I Were King" (58) Serie "Panic!: Fingerprints" (58) Serie "Behind Closed Doors: Fliht to Freedom" (59) Serie "The Silent Service: U-47 in Scapa Flow" (58) Serie "Playhouse 90: Child of Our Time" (59) Serie "The Third Man: Confessions of an Honest Man" (59) Serie "The Third Man: Five Hours to Kill" (59) Serie "Tombstone Territory: Death Is o Write About" (59) Serie "One Step Beyond: Image of Death" (59) Serie "Bat Masterson: The Desert Ship" (59) Serie "Grand Jury: The Woman Who Talked" (59) Serie "Johnny Midnight: X Equals Murder" (60) Serie "One Step Beyond: The Explorer" (60) Serie "Colt .45: The Gandy Dancers" (60) Serie "Bourbon Street Beat: Green Hell" (60) 12 to the Moon (60) Serie "Shirley Temple's Storybook: The Terrible Clockman" (61) Serie "The Untouchables: Loophole" (61) Serie "Hawaiian Eye: The Manchu Formula" (61) Serie "The Detectives: Walk a Crooked Line" (62) Hitler (62) Serie "The Dick Powell Show: The Clocks" (62) Serie "Hawaiian Eye: Somewhere There's Music" (62) Serie "Ripcord: The Last Chapter" (63) Serie "The Rogues: The Real Russian Caviar" (64) Serie "Jericho: A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread – and POW (66) Serie "The Time Tunnel: Invasion" (66)