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Lizzi Waldmüller

Foto: Willy Pragher Lizenz CC BY 3.0
Rechteinhaber Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg

1904 - 1945

The actress Lizzi Waldmüller (1904-1945) was born in a artist family. Her father was director of a travelling theater. Lizzi Waldmüller took singing lessons as well as acting lessons, which had a very positive consequence for the later sound movie.
But first she played for different Austrian stages in the 20s and finally went to Germany, where she appeared in operettas, among others with her husband, the actor Max Hansen.

In her starting time for the film business she didn't have great success. She played supporting roles at the side of stars like Heinz Rühmann and Hans Albers, among others "Lachende Erben" (33) and "Peer Gynt" (34).  
She had her breakthrough with "Bel Ami" (39), where sich also sang the musical hit "Du hast Glück bei den Frau'n, Bel Ami". With this she recommended herself for further music and revue movies.

Lizzi Waldmüller knew how to bring in a touch of permissiveness and roguish grace into the film during the Nazi time. To her most popular movies during wartime belong "Frau Luna" (41), "Liebeskomödie" (42) and "Es lebe die Liebe" (44).

She was killed during a bomb attack against Vienna on 8th April 1945.

Other movies with Lizzi Waldmüller: 
Die spanische Fliege (31) Strafsache van Geldern (32) Liebe auf den ersten Ton (32) Rendezvous im Paradies (36) Casanova heiratet (40) Traummusik (40) Alles für Gloria (41) Die Nacht in Venedig (42) Ein Walzer mit Dir (42) Ein Mann wie Maximilian (44)